Uncertain Places

There are a lot of places you can find an occult author’s work: websites, magazines, in person or online lectures, etc. Perhaps why I’ve noticed an increase in essay collections in the category, and I am not complaining. Today we’re discussing Uncertain Places: Essays on Occult & Experiencesby Mitch Horowitz.

Horowitz is well known in occult circles and having all these assorted writings conveniently gathered is an excellent read. Uncertain Placesoffers a unique perspective on many subjects ranging from secret societies, the nature of Satanism, a legendary obituary for the late James Randi, an interview with David Lynch, new thought, and more. Horowitz is an eloquent and persuasive writer and you can’t help finishing Uncertain Placeswith a deeper understanding of the author himself. However, what I find appealing about even his strongest opinion essays is the feeling that you wouldn’t be harshly judged by Horowitz for disagreeing, as long as you could explain why.

The necessity of reading Uncertain Placesdepends on who you are and what you want to get from Horowitz. If you’re a fan of the author, like myself, this is required reading. If you like shorter, easier to digest, essays on these topics, then again, it is required reading. But, if you’re more interested in Horowitz, the new thought explorer, this book is good, but if you haven’t read The Miracle Club, I’d start there. Want more occult secret societies? Definitely opt for Occult America.

I guess the real takeaway from my review of Uncertain Placesthat Mitch Horowitz himself is required reading, regardless of which book of his you opt to read.

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