About The Magical Buffet:

The Magical Buffet is where spirituality, politics, and pop culture collide, with hopefully entertaining and enlightening results. What started as a monthly online magazine in October 2006 was re-launched in 2008 as an interactive website that discusses things that interest Magical Buffet founder Rebecca Elson. Readers will find articles and interviews that deal with religion, the paranormal, First Amendment issues, popular culture, magical practices, and whatever else is on Rebecca’s mind at any given moment. The Magical Buffet is dedicated to decreasing fear by bringing communities together in the interest of understanding and then utilizing that unity to help Rebecca become supreme ruler of the world.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Elson is the publisher, and primary writer, for The Magical Buffet. Since 2006 she has reviewed books ranging from Witchcraft and Western esoteric traditions to Zen Buddhism and Bibles. Rebecca has interviewed founders of new religious movements, clergy, witches, paranormal investigators and more. She is ordained as a Zen Humanist Minister with Universal Ministries and has a Bachelor’s in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Along with her website, Rebecca is busy crafting talismans for her Etsy store and creating content for her Patreon.

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