Marvel vs. DC: Who Prevails in Your State?

Travis Petersen and USDish wanted to try and figure out who the most popular superhero was in each state in the United States, but also the most popular superhero universe. To identify each state’s most popular superheroes, they used SEMRush keyword volume data. Once they had their list of 20 superheroes total (10 for DC Universe and 10 for Marvel Universe), they used Google Trends to see which state googled which superhero the most. For each state’s most popular comic book universe, they analyzed each state on Google Trends to find out which of the comic book universes they googled the most.

I don’t know if the results are surprising or not. Obviously some searching comes from buzz around upcoming releases. So, is Flash a true state favorite, or are just a lot of residents curious about the upcoming movie? I mean, is Morbius really Alaska’s favorite superhero, or did a lot of Alaskans just not believe anyone was going to make a Morbius film so they hit Google to find out? See what I’m saying.

Okay, no more stalling. Here’s what you want to know.

State     Most Searched Superhero     Most Searched Universe
Alabama               Flash               Marvel Universe
Alaska                Morbius	          Marvel Universe
Arizona	              Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Arkansas	      Flash	          DC Universe
California	      Captain America	  Marvel Universe
Colorado	      Deadpool	          DC Universe
Connecticut	      Flash	          DC Universe
Delaware	      Flash	          DC Universe
District of Columbia  Green Lantern	  Marvel Universe
Florida	              Superman	          DC Universe
Georgia	              Black Panther	  DC Universe
Hawaii	              Aquaman	          Marvel Universe
Idaho	              Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Illinois	      Superman	          Marvel Universe
Indiana	              Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Iowa	              Hawkeye	          Marvel Universe
Kansas	              Flash	          DC Universe
Kentucky	      Batman	          Marvel Universe
Louisiana	      Flash	          DC Universe
Maine	              Deadpool	          DC Universe
Maryland	      Black Panther	  DC Universe
Massachusetts	      Captain America	  Marvel Universe
Michigan	      Superman	          DC Universe
Minnesota	      Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Mississippi	      Flash	          DC Universe
Missouri	      Superman	          Marvel Universe
Montana	              Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Nebraska	      Deadpool	          DC Universe
Nevada	              Batman	          Marvel Universe
New Hampshire	      Flash	          Marvel Universe
New Jersey	      Flash	          Marvel Universe
New Mexico	      Harley Quinn	  DC Universe
New York	      Superman	          DC Universe
North Carolina	      Superman	          DC Universe
North Dakota	      Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Ohio	              Deadpool	          DC Universe
Oklahoma	      Batman	          Marvel Universe
Oregon	              Flash	          DC Universe
Pennsylvania	      Captain America	  Marvel Universe
Rhode Island	      Superman	          Marvel Universe
South Carolina	      Superman	          Marvel Universe
South Dakota	      Deadpool	          DC Universe
Tennessee	      Superman	          DC Universe
Texas	              Harley Quinn	  DC Universe
Utah	              Black Widow	  Marvel Universe
Vermont	              Captain America	  Marvel Universe
Virginia	      Flash	          Marvel Universe
Washington	      Captain America	  Marvel Universe
West Virginia	      Harley Quinn	  Marvel Universe
Wisconsin	      Deadpool	          Marvel Universe
Wyoming	              Deadpool	          DC Universe

What do you think? I can’t believe that Doctor Strange and Spiderman are nowhere to be found. I get Illinois going with Superman, because Metropolis is Chicago. However, New York also went Superman? Come on New Yorkers, Gotham is New York. Also, have we as a society decided that Harley Quinn is a superhero? I love Harley Quinn, particularly the cartoon on HBO Max, but a hero? Honestly, this list creates more questions than answers!

You can read the official write up here.

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