Blackthorn’s Protection Magic

Amy Blackthorn is an overachieving bitch. Yes, I said it. Yes, you can quote me. Before reading her latest book “Blackthorn’s Protection Magic”, I knew her merely as a certified aromatherapist, purveyor of Hoodoo based herbal tea blends, a capable bartender, and obviously a respected author with this being her sixth book published from Weiser. Now I also know she has taught self-defense classes since attaining the rank of black belt in 2002 and has been a certified firearms instructor since 2010. Oh, and she’s also super nice and has an adorable dog. So yes, an overachieving not so bitchy bitch.

Some of you may remember that a LONG time ago I gave a talk about the everyman’s guide to protection magic at a handful of events. I did quite a bit of research for it and honestly, not only did I feel it was quite complete, but so did most attendees. Well, that was before an accomplished witch and oh, did I mention a witch with an extensive career in executive security, decided to write a book.

Blackthorn discusses both magical protection and mundane, “real world”, protection. “Blackthorn’s Protection Magic” is not for the faint of heart. She bravely tells first hand accounts of dicey situations she has encountered, and how she dealt with them. Most witchcraft books about protection will help you magically secure your home, rid yourself of curses or hexes, and overall, create some good vibes around yourself and your home. Blackthorn teaches you how to do all of that. Rarely do you encounter a book of this category that also discusses practical steps about self-defense classes, situational awareness, improvised weapons, and the like. But Blackthorn does that too.

Unsurprisingly, Amy Blackthorn continues to impress me with “Blackthorn’s Protection Magic”. It’s useful resource for anyone of any level of magic experience and a stand out of the genre.

You can learn more here.

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