Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan

Carl Abrahamsson took on the momentous task of exploring the life and times of Anton LaVey with his latest book, “Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan: Infernal Wisdom from the Devil’s Den.” The topic of Satanism always stirs the pot, and no more so than when one broaches the subject of its champion showman LaVey. Abrahamsson does not hide his personal connection to LaVey, yet he does an able job of presenting an unfiltered LaVey, even if it is with obvious fondness.

Part one of “Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan” is a wonderfully written biography. It’s a biography, but smattered with first-hand recollections from visits Abrahamsson made to LaVey’s famous Black House in San Francisco. It makes for fun and compelling reading.

Part two features an epic line up of interviews. Some are names you’ll recognize and some you may not. Either way, there are many insights to be gained. Who are some of these people? There’s Xerxes LaVey, Anton LaVey’s son, Peter Gilmour and Peggy Nadramia, the current heads of the Church of Satan, filmmaker Keith Anger, and more. There is Genesis P-Orridge and Anton LaVey in conversation. (If you don’t know Genesis P-Orridge, Google that shit and educate yourselves.) Also included is never before scene excerpts from the infomercial “Hail Satan!”

So, who is “Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan” for? Anyone curious about LaVey and the Church of Satan will learn much from Carl Abrahamsson. I know I did. However, I can’t help but feel like there could have something to be learned from including interviews with some of LaVey’s detractors. That said, this is a fantastic book for anyone wanting insights into LaVey and his Church.

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