Forecast 2014: 11 Spiritual Trends Beyond the Shift

By Sara Wiseman

We had such high hopes for the Shift—the new age dawning in 2012 and continuing in 2013. And in fact, much of these did come true—these were heady years of releasing old patterns for most of us, especially old thought patterns contained in the collective soul.

In 2014, we’ll see more of this transition or Shift and much of it is very, very difficult for humankind, the animal and plant kingdom, and the earth itself—there is great chaos, disaster and suffering continuing this year. This is what happens when seven billion souls all attempt to wake up at the same time—many of us are grumpy at being shaken from the old dream, and many are not able to withstand the Shift at all.

Yet overall, 2014 is a gentler year. It’s as if we’ve actually evolved a little bit. We understand where we need to go, and even if we’re not there yet, at least we’re pointing in the right direction. We don’t live in fear the same way we used to.

In 2014, this much is true: the more you let go of the old paradigm, the more the new paradigm begins to show up in your life. Eleven signs to watch for:

1. Time shifts. You’ll notice that time isn’t running on the same schedule as it used to; you’ll experience great passages of “no time” or being unable remember time that has passed. Nowness becomes real.

2. Spiritual awakening. The great leap forward continues for millions. Many of you will begin to experience great passages of true awakening. This is worldwide.

3. A new healing emerges. The health insurance fiasco is a sign that we are moving from the fear and scarcity based systems of health, to a new way. Energy healing will become not just more mainstream, but more effective. The old models of illness are beginning to be released, even though we are still in early stages.

4. Food as medicine. The GMO battle is one of the most significant of our time. We begin to understand and fight for the value of food as medicine and our source of health.

5. The ocean calls for help. The oceans, rivers and other bodies of water continues to use their force in weather, disaster, and more to signal their great need for help.

6. The refugee becomes a symbol of our Oneness. What happens to the least of one, happens to all.

7. Transportation changes. Cars and oil dependency won’t be the same in five years.

8. Marijuana becomes legal in more states. This creates shifts that we won’t understand for another decade.

9. Human rights continue to be supported on all levels: civil, race, gender, age.

10. Child and teen leaders. The new generation speaks out as a force; watch for key martyrs and leaders such as Malala. The younger generations are communicating with each other, and waiting for their time to lead.

11. The wise elderly. Boomers begin to have enlightenment left and right. Their ability to release and wake up from old paradigms is astounding. Many will be heroic for coming generations; this may also happen in your own family.

About Sara Wiseman:
Sara Wiseman is a spiritual teacher and author of six enlightening books on spiritual intuition. She hosts the popular radio show Ask Sara, and is a regular contributor to DailyOM, Vivid Life and more. Visit her at