Just Some of What October’s Got Going On

Ack! A lot of stuff goes on in October! It’s that righteous blend of Halloween, Samhain, paranormal, and just a dash of “other”. I had a few people email me asking if I’d mention their event on the site, so I went ahead and asked on our social media pages that if anyone knew of any upcoming events to go ahead and email them to me and I’d add them to the list. Well I ended up with quite the eclectic list!

October 6 – Normandi Ellis Writing Class – The Scott County Public Library in Georgetown, KY (Ellis wrote “Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt” and “Imagining the World into Existence”.)

October 7 – Normandi Ellis Book Signing – Morris Book Shop Lexington, KY (Ellis is the pretty woman in the photo.)

October 13 – 14 Temple of Isis Mystery School and Metaphysical Weekend – Frankfort, KY

October 18 – 21 Paradigm Symposium – Minneapolis, MN

October 20Celebrate Samhain – now at its NEW LOCATION of Peterborough Community Center, 19 Elm St., Peterborough, NH (You guys know I’ve attended this for 2 years now and they needed a bigger space, so I’m excited to go this year and see what its like.)

October 21 – November 1Foundation for Shamanic Studies Two Week Intensive in Advanced Shamanic Healing – Madison, VA

October 26Burlington Vortex Conference – Burlington, WI

October 27 – Sugar Skull Workshop – Muse Gifts & Books, Marlborough, NH (Two of my favorite Marlborough stores, Inkubus and Muse, are coming together to do a sugar skull workshop at 1pm on October 27th! Call 603-876-4242 for details!)

October 27 Temple of Witchcraft Samhain Psychic Faire and Ritual – at their NEW LOCATION 52 East Derry Road, Derry, NH – Faire ends at 5pm with a public ritual to follow.

October 30 – 31 Fly 92’s Annual Haunted Broadcast with the Northern NY Paranormal Research Society – www.fly92.com (The NNYPRS will also have their own live video feed and chat room running throughout the event at their website www.nnyprs.com)