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In efforts to build a stronger global Witch/Pagan community I have founded the organization Pagan Troop Support.

The purpose of Pagan Troop Support is to provide a support system to our Pagan/ Wiccan military men and women who are deployed overseas. Through donations we hope to provide them with the ritual items needed in order to practice their faith and perform ritual wherever they may be and also to provide a networking resource to them as well as their families.

This organization, Pagan Troop Support, is my way of giving back and saying thank you to all those who give to us everyday, and also to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our way of life. I think that often times we take for granted what freedoms we do enjoy in this country, among them the freedom of religion and the ability to practice our faith in the open. I’m very thankful for this freedom, it came with a very high price, not only from our military servicemen and women, but also from those elders in the Witch community that have walked the path before us and fought for that right as well, and so this is my way of giving back to the Witches/ Wiccan/ Pagan community, and serving the greater good.

I have received an overwhelming response to this, and I’m so happy to have all of the supporters that have joined me in my efforts, and would like to thank them all. On the flip side of the coin, there are those few with opposing arguments of “It’s not politically correct”. Well, to those people I say, “We need to put aside our personal views on war and accept the here and now, and what is, because despite our own view, the fact is we are still at war, and there are people that are in need of help and support.” All the while projecting for a swift end to the war and the safe return of our soldiers to their families.

At this time the biggest question I get is “What can I do to help?” The best thing at this time is to spread the word that this resource is available, and if you should know any servicemen or women that are deployed, and may be in need of ritual items let them know we are here. Have them get a hold of us if they are in need of Occult related items. We have received a huge wish list from our Pagan Troops overseas, and at this time we are diligently working on fulfilling as many of these wishes that we can. If you would like to donate items, you can go to our website and click on donate items on the far left and send us an email, we will contact you shortly thereafter. You can also join our forums for discussion whether it be occult related discussion, military related, or just in general, we currently have a growing forum community.

Pagan Troop Support in no way condones War or Violence of any kind, but attempts to make this world a better place by lending a hand to those in need, and assisting the growing Witch/Pagan community.

If you haven’t already, please drop by and visit us at you may also find us on my space by clicking the link to Pagan Troop support on My Space icon at the far left on the website. You can also hear the first Pagan Troop support podcast at