31 Subway Drawings

I already wrote my love letter to Keith Haring when I reviewed “Haring-isms” edited by Larry Warsh back in 2020, so I won’t rehash it here. Let’s just say Haring and his art has a special place in my heart. It’s all why I was thrilled when Princeton University Press reached out to me again with a Keith Haring book.

“Keith Haring: 31 Subway Drawings” features a handful (31 to be exact) of examples of Haring’s prolific New York subway graffiti era. The contributions of several authors (Jeffrey Deitch, Henry Geldzahler, Carlo McCormick, and Larry Warsh), including a reprinting of “The Subway is Still My Favorite Place to Draw” by Keith Haring that originally appeared in “Art in Transit: Subway Drawings”, “31 Subway Drawings” re-examines this important era in Haring’s art and public art of the era in general.

Thanks to Larry Warsh’s efforts to collect Haring’s subway chalk drawings (an act he knew Haring wasn’t necessarily a fan of) and photographer Tseng Kwong Chi’s work photographing Haring and his subway art out in the wild, “31 Subway Drawings” does an excellent job showcasing the work.

Here you can see the fruits of Warsh’s and Chi’s labors.

“Keith Haring: 31 Subway Drawings” is sure to be treasured by fans of Haring and the subway graffiti movement of the 1980s. You can learn more here.

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