The Most-Searched Hulu Original Series

As some of you might remember, from time to time the folks at USDish put together an interesting report that I want to share. This one, “The Most-Searched Hulu Original Series, by State”, I thought I would be ignoring, but then I read it and it prompted feelings in me. Feelings I had to share.

The team at gathered a list of Hulu original television shows from their website. Next, they used the website analytics tool Semrush to collect the average monthly search volume of each Hulu original series. Finally, they used Google Trends to track the search volume for the ten most popular Hulu series in each state and the District of Columbia.

I was pleased to see the reboot for “Animaniacs” came in at the top of list. Although not as good as the original, it definitely had some great bits, and I was pleased to see the gang together again. My state, New York, apparently went with “A Teacher”, which the report says is a series that spurred controversy, but I have not even heard of it. Which is one of the things I wanted to ask? Do people get excited for Hulu originals? Do people get excited about any streaming network originals? The marketplace is SO saturated with content, original or otherwise, it seems hard for the United States to come together and get truly obsessed with a series. It happens. For instance, can you all shut up about “Bridgerton”?

Also, while discussing Hulu originals, I was happy to see that “Solar Opposites” came in first in Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. Who knew those states had such excellent taste? Please, if you have Hulu and have not watched “Solar Opposites” yet, go watch it. Give it a few episodes, I think you’ll be pleased.

Curious about the other states? Here is how it broke down.

Alabama	        A Teacher
Alaska		Animaniacs
Arizona		Animaniacs
Arkansas	A Teacher
California	Animaniacs
Colorado	Castle Rock
Connecticut	The Handmaid's Tale
Delaware	Animaniacs
D.C.            Mrs. America
Florida		A Teacher
Georgia		A Teacher
Hawaii		Animaniacs
Idaho		Solar Opposites
Illinois	Animaniacs
Indiana		Animaniacs
Iowa		The Act
Kansas		Animaniacs
Kentucky	Animaniacs
Louisiana	A Teacher
Maine		The Handmaid's Tale
Maryland	Animaniacs
Massachusetts	The Handmaid's Tale
Michigan	Animaniacs
Minnesota	The Handmaid's Tale
Mississippi	A Teacher
Missouri	Animaniacs
Montana	        Solar Opposites
Nebraska	Animaniacs
Nevada		Animaniacs
New Hampshire	The Handmaid's Tale
New Jersey	A Teacher
New Mexico	Animaniacs
New York	A Teacher
North Carolina	A Teacher
North Dakota	A Teacher
Ohio		Animaniacs
Oklahoma	Animaniacs
Oregon		Animaniacs
Pennsylvania	The Handmaid's Tale
Rhode Island	Little Fires Everywhere
South Carolina	A Teacher
South Dakota	Solar Opposites
Tennessee	Animaniacs
Texas		A Teacher
Utah		Animaniacs
Vermont	        The Handmaid's Tale
Virginia	Animaniacs
Washington	Animaniacs
West Virginia	The Handmaid's Tale
Wisconsin	The Handmaid's Tale
Wyoming	        The Act

You can view the report and all its details here.

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