The Magical Buffet: After Dark

Some of you may remember that I started a Magical Buffet Patreon. Starting in 2021 there is a new tier available, bringing it up to three tiers.

Tier One is “Rated E for Everyone” and is available for $1 or more a month. This allows you to show your appreciation for my work, gives you access to Sarah Sundays (which follows the adventures of my pitbull mix named Sarah), and behind the scenes content.

Tier Two is “Parental Guidance” and is available for $5 or more a month. First, you get access to anything that Tier One Patrons do. Next, you get my monthly tarot/oracle forecast. Finally, I try to offer one article a month. Thus far I’ve shared coffee magic, different types of divination, and an introduction to various styles of meditation.

This brings us to the new tier, Tier Three, “Magical Buffet: After Dark” which is $10 or more a month. Obviously, with this tier you get access to everything provided to Tier One and Two. This tier is only for ages 18 and older. Here I’m going to be exploring a sensual side of magic and spirituality in a mostly visual format. There will be adult themes and nudity. The whole thing is an experiment, but hopefully there will be people out there who will be into it. It officially starts in January 2021, but anyone who signs up before then will find a cheeky surprise already there waiting for them, and will receive a small token of appreciation in the mail in January.

Visit my Patreon to sign up!

I also want to remind you that the fun, limited edition Krampus/Saint Nicholas collection I created will be gone FOREVER at 11:59pm eastern on December 31, 2020. Don’t live with regret, get your Krampus now!