The Greater & Lesser Worlds of Robert Fludd

Get yourself a cold shower ready, because today we are talking about some seriously sexy book porn. We’re talking about the 250-page, illustration packed, “The Greater & Lesser Worlds of Robert Fludd: Macrocosm, Microcosm & Medicine” by Joscelyn Godwin. This gorgeous book is hardcover with a built-in ribbon bookmark.

Robert Fludd was an interesting man. Godwin describes him as a Renaissance man, and he is correct. Fludd was a doctor who was heavily influenced by the Christian theology of the time. You would recover if it was the Lord’s will. And yet, he was a man of science, conducting experiments that we would describe as alchemy. Along with this, he was a supporter of the Rosicrucians, an inventor, and with his fascination of how the Earth operates he would link music and math, and study astrology. For being a man who I feel allowed his religious beliefs to limit his scope, he truly was a man deeply involved in all of the proto sciences of what we regard as science today. Robert Fludd created the encyclopedias of his day.

What truly set Robert Fludd’s work apart from others was his extensive use of illustrations. He understood the value of an image, and if Godwin is to be believed (which I think he is), the illustrations are much easier to understand than Fludd’s writing. Surprisingly, Fludd didn’t do these himself, however, some of the best of the era created them for his writings.

“The Greater & Lesser Worlds of Robert Fludd” has 201 GORGEOUS illustrations, each with thoughtful commentary from Godwin.

Joscelyn Godwin and Inner Traditions have put together a truly covet worthy work.

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