Challenge Accepted Mr. Colbert

While catching up on my DVRed episodes of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” it was hard to miss that the big news, and comedy, of the day is the battle over healthcare reform. Obviously I have my opinions on the subject, and I understand and share many of the concerns of many Americans. Also, being the often mean-spirited person that I am, I’m greatly enjoying the comic stylings of Stewart and Colbert as they cover this issue. But then, on the August 10, 2009 episode of “The Colbert Report”, it happened.

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That sounds like a challenge to me! That’s right, I went to CNN’s special healthcare website and downloaded the infamous 1018 page current House healthcare reform bill. I will do the thing that seems increasingly obvious that most politicians and television personalities won’t do, I am going to read the bill.

Keep in mind that this bill isn’t even finalized yet. It’s not at the point where anyone will be voting on it, and most likely will change dramatically. But since this version, right now, is the one that is just too big to bother to read, I made sure to download it to my computer, just in case it disappears from the internet.

I will be sacrificing time that could be spent reading awesome stuff, like Colleen Deatsman’s new book “Seeing in the Dark” or the Llewellyn’s “2010 Witches’ Companion” and “Sabbats Almanac”, in order to man up and read this bill that everyone else seems unwilling to read, but more than willing to discuss as if they have.

Challenge accepted Mr. Colbert.