Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures

Today we’re looking at “Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures: The Divine Science of the Priesthood” by Richard Heath, and much like the title implies, there is a lot to unpack in this book. Fun tidbit about me reading this book. Not too far into reading this book I was like, there’s an awful lot of geometry in this book about…..oh yeah, sacred geometry. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Forget “Ancient Aliens”, in Heath’s book it’s goddesses. This is definitely an over simplification of “Sacred Geometry” but at the heart of the text is the idea that ancient divine feminine worship cultures, and the females who provided leadership for them, led to the creation of monuments and megaliths in accordance with time and stars (early astronomy). They then coded this information into the carvings of the monuments. More interesting than that, in my opinion, is how Heath explores the transition of this geometry to arithmetic parallels the transition of matriarchal societies into patriarchal.

“Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures” by Richard Heath is a dense text that Inner Traditions have given the gold star treatment by publishing in full color hardcover. It presents an interesting exploration of ancient megaliths, spiritual beliefs, and early science.

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