The Sorcery of Solomon

Are we building to a full-on King Solomon renaissance? I find myself pondering this because on my tiny website, which in no way encompasses the entirety of occult publishing, I have reviewed “King Solomon the Magus” by Claude Lecouteux which released in September of 2022, “Ars Notoria: The Notory Art of Solomon” translated by Matthias Castle which released in November of 2023, and today we’ll be discussing “The Sorcery of Solomon: A Guide to the 44 Planetary Pentacles of the Magician King” by Sara L. Mastros which was published in January of this year.

Sarah is a reluctant Solomon fan.

The influence of Solomon on current day occult practices cannot be overstated. Even a self-identified eclectic dabbler like myself uses the Seal of Solomon in my talisman crafting. However, for as frequently as I’ve seen Solomon’s influence in texts, “The Sorcery of Solomon” is the first time I’ve encountered a Solomon centered practice.

Mastros focuses on “The SLM Method,” a three-pillared approach for beginners in Solomonic magic. S stands for Solomon (surprised?), the L is Logos (which focuses primarily on Names of Power), and Magic (you know, magic!) Even for those not interested in learning the book’s “SLM Method” “The Sorcery of Solomon” is a robust text exploring King Solomon, his evolution, and ultimately all the branches of magic that his life and work influenced. Included, as the subtitle states, are the 44 planetary pentacles with ample illustrations. With that, Sara L. Mastros has put together an excellent book for anyone interested in Western Esoteric occult magic, particularly with a Hebrew angle. This definitely has the potential to be an occult classic!

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