King Solomon the Magus

It’s no secret that I love medieval literature academic Claude Lecouteux. I’ve reviewed most of his books and have appreciated them all. However, nothing could prepare me emotionally for how psyched I got when I received his latest book in the mail, King Solomon the Magus: Master of the Djinns and Occult Traditions of East & West.That’s right bitches, Lecouteux takes on Solomon. As a crafter of talismans, the highly recognizable symbol, the Seal of Solomon is featured heavily in my work, so I was excited to read more.

And if there’s one thing Lecouteux does, it is MORE. All of his books are dense with just everything to be found on the subject matter smooshed into a binding, and King Solomon the Magusis no exception. The author uses The Bible, the writings of Yosef ben Matityahu HaCohen (better known as Flavius Josephus), and the classic book The Thousand and One Nightsas primary sources to demonstrate the universality of Solomon the King and Solomon the Magician. No stone is left unturned. Solomon’s relationships with animals, with the djinns, and with his people are explored. The places he lived, the magical talismans he created and used, and more are all discussed. The text is fully illustrated, including images I’ve used myself in crafting protective talismans.

What can I say? Claude Lecouteux is the master of consolidating information from varied sources for research and enjoyment. All of his books are fascinating reads. The combination of history, legend, and religion makes King Solomon the Magusan important work for anyone who interested in Arabian or Western magic.

You can learn more here.

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