Music Inspired by Middle Earth

Anyone who has ever drifted into the new age realm has heard of David Arkenstone. However, you may be surprised at how many places you have heard his Grammy nominated instrumentals, including the video games World of Warcraft and Earth and Beyond, shows on the History Channel and Discovery Channel, and even the Kentucky Derby.

Recently, his new album “Music Inspired by Middle Earth Volume II” released. It’s a follow up to “Music Inspired by Middle Earth” that debuted 20 years ago. Arkenstone has frequently looked to Tolkien for inspiration so another return to Middle Earth was destined to happen.

The music is cinematic, featuring full orchestral arrangements. The arrangements capture the feeling of the subject matter so well that I frequently found myself second guessing as to whether or not I had heard this music in the “Lord of the Rings” films. They have not, but so true to the spirit that this now has ingrained itself in my mind as the score.

If you miss Middle Earth, consider this David Arkenstone’s invitation to you to return.

Enjoy this video of “Shadowfax and the White Rider.”

You can learn more here.

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