Full Bloom

As most of you know, I’m a lady that loves to eat, and a lady that loves being given an excuse to eat. So here we are, now discussing “Full Bloom: Vibrant Plant-Based Recipes for Your Summer Table” by Virpi Mikkonen.

Flipping through “Full Bloom” is like scrolling through one of those aspirational lifestyle wellness Instagram accounts. Everything looks beautiful, delicious, and maybe you don’t want to think about everything that goes into making it that way. While “Full Bloom” touts its simple recipes and easy to accommodate ingredients, I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a book for beginners. Although, if you’re willing to do a little extra shopping and put in a bit of effort, you’ll find this book is loaded with amazing summer dishes you can truly feel good about.

And don’t you worry, there are some STUPIDLY easy recipes nestled in “Full Bloom” and I made one! “3-Ingredient Brownies” is truth in advertising. Bananas, almond butter, and cacao powder go into a blender and then into the oven. Mikkonen suggests serving them with vanilla ice cream, and she is right. The brownies have a good taste to them, but are a bit dry and grainy in texture. I ate mine with plain yogurt and it made of world of difference.

If you’re looking for some inspired summertime, plant-based food and beverage ideas, I highly recommend “Full Bloom” by Virpi Mikkonen.

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