US Horror Movie Death Count: How Safe Is Your State?

I know we just had a not entirely scientific pop culture article, but when reached out to me with this, I couldn’t resist sharing. “US Horror Movie Death Count: How Safe Is Your State?” Awww, yeah.

So, what is the methodology? Pretty solid. “First, we narrowed down Rotten Tomatoes’ 200 Best Horror Movies of All Time to include only movies with a US location. Then, we found the number of deaths in each film using and Fandom’s list of deaths.

With 63 films containing over 1,300 frightening fates, we totaled how many cinematic slaughters stack up in each state. (And if you’re in one of the 26 states not included, you should be safe . . . for now.)

Death totals include some non-human characters, and we did not include any deaths that weren’t shown on screen.”

Here’s the regional breakdown:
Northeast: 954 deaths
West: 225 deaths
Midwest: 108 deaths
South: 93 deaths

Apparently living near the coastline helps balance out your odds: The twenty non-coastal states accounted for nearly 59% of the horror movie deaths while the thirty coastal states accounted for just over 41% of the total kills.

Okay, no more teasing, here are the deadliest states according to horror movies:

State          Number of Deaths          Number of Movies
Pennsylvania          615                       6
New York              254                       7
California            163                       17
Maine                 60                        4
Illinois              45                        4
Ohio                  39                        4
South Carolina        36                        1
Nevada                34                        1
Missouri              16                        1
Texas                 15                        2
West Virginia         14                        1
Massachusetts         13                        1
Utah                  13                        1
Rhode Island          12                        1
Virginia              10                        1
Michigan              8                         2
Colorado              7                         2
North Carolina        7                         1
Florida               5                         1
Washington            5                         1
Tennessee             4                         1
Oregon                3                         1
Washington D.C.       2                         1

You can read the whole report by Trevor Wheelwright here.

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