When the Church Goes to Market

As the pandemic continues to affect the global economy, Christian History magazine dedicates its latest issue to exploring how Christians have influenced economic life. In this issue, Christian History examines how, in past centuries, individuals and church leaders founded financial and trading institutions that are essential industries and taken for granted today. As contained in Biblical accounts, Christians found a higher purpose in the market and influenced complexities that define the world’s marketplace and global economies. (from their press release)

As always, I love the unique perspectives provided from Christian History, and I love that it is free to read! The latest issue has many interesting articles:

Brood of vipers or avenue for flourishing? Debt and lending in church history by Nathan Hitchcock

Misunderstood missionaries Colonial enablers or pioneers of social and economic reform? by Robert D. Woodberry

Self-serving vice or society-building virtue? The long-standing influence of Max Weber’s linking of Protestantism and capitalism by Kenneth J. Barnes

Christian History timeline: Market matters Some ways Christians have preached, thought about, shaped, critiqued, and participated in economic life throughout church history by the editors

Bringing profit to neighbors The church and economic theories from zero-sum to mutual benefit by Jordan J. Ballo

Friendly economics How Quakers in North Carolina used the marketplace to free enslaved people from bondage by Christina Hitchcock

What would Jesus do in business? The rise, struggles, and promise of the faith and work movement by David W. Miller

God’s kingdom Interviews with two scholars who study Christians and the Market by Denise Daniels, Brent Waters, and the editor

You can read the latest issue here.

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