Krampus is Here!

“I can’t go back to sharing Christmas with that soul-singing goat. Always nibbling on my list,” Santa, “American Dad” episode “Minstrel Krampus”

Like all great folklore figures, the origins of Krampus are murky at best. In European history Krampus is portrayed as a half demon, half goat figure that worked in tandem with Saint Nicholas. These days Santa rewards good children with gifts and leaves coal for naughty children. However, back in the day, Saint Nicholas would reward good children and Krampus would punish naughty children by frightening them with rattling chains and swatting them with birch branches.

In the “American Dad” television episode “Minstrel Krampus” they make a compelling argument that in this modern era Krampus is a good guy, and that Santa is a bad guy. Santa spoils children by doing nothing but giving gifts, whereas Krampus loves children enough to punish them when they are bad. Obviously, it is not a perfect argument, but it always stuck with me that perhaps people are a bit too quick to judge Krampus.

Which leads us to this:

I fell in love with this vintage image of Krampus and Saint Nicholas. They look like perfect frenemies. And I decided to do a limited-edition line of merchandise featuring this picture! What kind of things can you buy?

How about buttons, greeting cards, mugs, and more? Prices range from $2.50 for a button up to $41.99 for a hoodie. You can find them all, along with our core merchandise at

Shop now, because come December 31, 2020 all this great Krampus merchandise will be gone forever!

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