Say Hello to Sarah

As most of you probably saw on social media, my husband and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary, and on that same day we adopted a dog from a local rescue organization. I’ve gotten many questions about all kinds of things regarding our new dog, so I thought I’d try to answer them all in one BIG post so I can get back to important business of just posting random photos of my dog online. I mean, it is why the internet exists.

We adopted a 2-year-old female pit bull mix that we named Sarah. She was found abandoned and pregnant in Tennessee. I guess down there they have kill shelters, so after she had her puppies, a vet spayed her and did all the health stuff, and she was transported north to Homeward Bound Rescue in Schenectady. There, a kind woman named Patty became her foster mom for about a week, and she helped us decide to adopt Sarah.

Her name was Winter when she was first rescued, but none of us could figure out why, and she did not really respond to the name, so I convinced my husband we should call her Sarah. Currently, Sarah is a bit underweight, so she is just bone and lean muscle. It made me think of Sarah Connor in “Terminator 2”, who was also a mother made of entirely lean muscle.

Both my husband and I have had dogs before, but it has easily been 15 years or longer since that time, so basically, we are first time dog owners. Homeward Bound was super nice about telling us to reach out to them with any questions, no matter how dumb they may seem. We also made good friends with the folks over at the Pampered Pooch in Ballston Spa. No better way to forge a relationship with a business by walking in and saying, “We just adopted this dog and we have nothing at home for her.” The staff there helped us make some decisions and we signed Sarah up for obedience training once they can hold classes again.

We are still learning about Sarah, but if you follow The Magical Buffet on social media, you will have seen she is very affectionate and does not care about personal space. She is not interested ice cubes, and handily destroyed the first two toys we bought her. Sarah is not used to be on a leash and would love to destroy the bunny who lives in our backyard. She wants to eat all the food, all the time. She needs to gain weight, but we are trying to do that in healthy way, so she is not getting food from our plates, but lord is she hopeful.

I hope that answered most of your questions. If you’d like to learn more about the rescue that helped Sarah, visit

Bear with me while I work on striking a new work, dog, Magical Buffet life balance!

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