What’s up with blushing, how to control your dreams, is Dr. Who a religion, and so much more in this month’s “Geek Month in Review” from JB Sanders!

It’s been about a year but Zimbabwe is back on The Magical Buffet with an assist from Stephen Colbert!

While I’ve been sitting on the sofa letting my ass get wide working my way through old seasons of “Chuck” and “Numb3rs”, and getting sucked into new television like “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm” (Damn you Hulu!), friends of The Magical Buffet have been actually accomplishing things. So much so that I’m way past due in giving you guys the rundown on all that has been going on.

Stuff you didn’t know about the still missed television show “Firefly”, traveling around the world in under 5 minutes, how to type like a gibbering madman, and oh so much more await you in this month’s “Geek Month in Review” from JB Sanders!

Join us for 10 questions with Avi Glijansky, creator, writer, and director of the web series “The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros”. We discuss mythology, the creative process, why Psyche would date a dermatologist, and so much more! Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this one! There’s even video!

Guess what folks? It has been one year of the “Geek Month in Review”! I’m so pleased that at least once a month there is a place for comics, science, games, technology, and other geeky things to live here on The Magical Buffet. And if the comments and website views are to be believed, many of you have been amused by this now one year old tradition here on the site too. Sure, I poke fun at the volume of 3D printer or Doctor Who stories John opts to include most months, but at the end of the day…I knew a whole heck of a lot about 3D printers before they showed up on The Colbert Report….and doesn’t everyone love Doctor Who?

So happy birthday to the “Geek Month in Review”!

After 10 years “Pop Up Video” is returning to VH1. To celebrate, we have this very special “Pop Up” blog post about it.

At London’s Victoria Station a voluptuous angel fell from the sky and interacted with unsuspecting humans. Needless to say, it created quite a reaction. However, the angel in question didn’t actually fall from the sky; she leapt out of someone’s laptop.

February was a fun month: solar death rays, Helsinki’s underground city, the robot’s internet, revelations that Rosie the Riveter was also Rosie the Programmer, anti-lasers, and forgive me because it’s my doing that Dr. Who gets brought up again! It’s link-tastic!

In an attempt to not get flagged by every spam filter known to man I decided to call this post “Steamed Sponge Cake Pudding with Raisins” when there is really a better, more accurate, and funnier title out there on the horizon. Let’s just say, that this British sponge cake pudding is now called Spotted Richard by those who don’t wish to offend. That’s right, a chance encounter at a grocery store led me to have in my possession Spotted, cough, cough, “Richard” in a can! Better still, microwaveable! Oh, the wrongness doesn’t end there my friends….

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