It’s never too late to get a handle on organization and Jennifer Louden, author of “The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year”, is here to discuss some basics.

Allison Johnson, registered nurse and certified practitioner of “The Emotion Code”, teaches us how to stop, drop, and roll the stress out of our lives.

Sara Wisewman, author of six books on spiritual enlightenment including her newest “Living a Life of Gratitude”, offers her insights on the concepts of soul mates.

Author Sara Wiseman discusses what we can look forward to in 2014.

Are you an Earth Angel? Doreen Virtue, author of the new book “Assertiveness for Earth Angels: How To Be Loving Instead of ‘Too Nice’”, shares her realization of being an Earth Angel.

Did composer Ricky Kej create an “epic ‘New Age’ album”? Am I qualified to make that call? Click on in for lots of beautiful music and video!

Sara Wiseman, author of the new book “Living a Life of a Gratitude”, offers six ways to resist the trap of overabundance this holiday season.

John Ptacek, of the On Second Thought website, lives in Wisconsin but wrote this article while visiting the state of Surrender. Have you been?

Ann Bolinger-McQuade, author of “Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That are All Around Us”, joins us to talk about her book, oracles, and my future job title.

Stressed? Come on, be honest with Auntie Rebecca. And in return, I have just the thing for you. Click on in to find out what!

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