I know! There’s like a gazillion links here! Oddly enough, when I first started The Magical Buffet I wasn’t sure I wanted to feature any links other than those that went with our articles. I think part of me was concerned about being beholden to those whose links I published, or something like that. Of course I realized that is just silly, and if I was going to have The Magical Buffet be a resource for the curious I needed to have a page of links for people to start with. Here you’ll find a list of those who have contributed to The Magical Buffet at some point or another and a few other sites that are just too good to pass up. Visit them now, visit them often.

Acme Wand Supply, LTD.

Atlantic Flag and Pole

The Cari Stone Show

Celebrate Samhain

Chasing Tao

Christopher Penczak

Completely Hypothetical

Crystal Caboose

Cucina Aurora

David Pitkin

Deborah Blake

Ellen Evert Hopman


Ghost Chat New England

Ghost Research Society

The God Above God

Gordie Little

Grey School of Wizardry

The Haunted Wood


James Randi Educational Foundation

Lama Willa Miller

Magical Almanac Ezine

Modern Magick (Donald Michael Kraig)

Moonlit Creations

Northern New York Paranormal Research Society

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

On Second Thought

The Order of Scathach

Pagan Newswire Collective

Para-X Radio

Perry Hall Paranormal Research

The Pluralism Project

Raven Digitalis

Rodney Williams Photography

Rose Rosetree’s Website and Blog

Sir William Wesley

Sketch Please


Steve Kenson

Valentino Empire

Vigilant Citizen

What Greg Eats

Wiccan Enchantments

The Wild Hunt

The Wing Kong Exchange

Witchin’ Hour TV

Vermorlian Magick Shoppe

2am Altars

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