Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

Allegedly, March will bring spring, at least according to the calendar. As we all look forward to sunny days, this month’s Querent would like to know the potential for her budding romance. A woman we will call Esther has been enjoying a gradually developing courtship and is beginning to wonder about the long term commitment potential as well as any potential roadblocks in this relationship.

First, Esther should be applauded for her approach, as her inquiry reflects her awareness that regardless of indications from a Tarot reading, she is ultimately the one to direct her own destiny. The Tarot can help Esther anticipate strengths and set backs along the way, yet the development of a relationship is like the growth of a garden and numerous factors contribute to a successful harvest.

But fall is a long way off, we are approaching the season of growth and Esther’s reading reflects this. The initial impressions are of light, excitement, and adventure. It feels like this relationship brings invigorating surprises and that it has brought rejuvenation and hope to Esther. It also feels like this couple is growing in comfort and familiarity with each other. This relationship feels committed and feels like it has strong potential for long term growth. The Tarot cards drawn for this reading are the 9 of Cups, the 2 of Wands, and The Fool.

The 9 of Cups reflects the happiness this pair finds in this relationship and suggests this is a match that meets Esther’s standards in many ways. Contentment and celebration are also suggested by this card, as well as a sense that this couple is very comfortable sitting at home together, but is more likely to get out, travel and have an active social life. Over about 3-9 months this relationship develops smoothly.

I feel that within the next 3-9 months the euphoric phase of this relationship will unfold followed by an important decision. I feel like this decision, represented by the 2 of Wands, deals with a change in direction that requires compromise and agreement in this partnership. It seems that development in a life area other than the relationship will require a move, it feels career related, and that this is a significant turning point for this couple. Their partnership can continue together, it feels like the commitment to this change is mutual. It seems initially that without moving in together right away, Esther’s partner will be spending more and more time in her home, it seems like living together without officially living together, until this point of change where it feels more like a commitment is made official but part of this requires venturing out of the comfort of familiar surroundings. The Two of Wands also suggests an opportunity that brings career advancement and coincides with growth in the relationship. It also indicates travel together, frequent adventures and a common starting point from which this relationship can develop.

The Fool is a significant card and bears no indication for the intelligence of Esther or her partner. Rather it signifies the beginning of a journey. I feel this card speaks to the journey for both partners although this is typically a carefree, independent energy. It feels like spontaneity and willingness to be open to travelling where opportunities offer without excess baggage from the past. This can have a twofold significance. Letting go of emotional baggage from the past in order to fully embrace this new relationship, as well as not being hindered by excess obligations, being able to move with the changes presented in this relationship. The Fool is about liberation and this relationship seems to follow a course of being inspiring, carefree and liberating. Esther will be confronted with new ideas and plans that may seem risky or out of the blue. She can expect good things to develop if she maintains an open mind. Faith in herself and courage to let go of what has not worked in the past will help her transcend limitations. This is not the time to give in to self doubt or fear based thinking.

In regard to any obstacles in this relationship, nothing from this reading stands out as a red flag or major issue to overcome. The only indicators of a challenge are the indicators of change requiring an open mind. I feel like there are aspects of Esther, or her partner’s career that potentially distracts from the relationship at times- particularly long hours or an unusual schedule seem to play a role in this, but it does not feel like this diminishes the relationship. When the time comes for change to take place it feels like relocation to someplace new is on the horizon, Miami feels related to this but Esther should be open minded to exploring the options as they present without feeling confined or limited to options that were not part of the original plan. It feels like faith in a major move will bring advancement both in the relationship and in career. It feels like an official commitment is made in the process of this transition and this solidifies long term potential.

Best of luck to Esther in all of her future endeavors. Remember, no matter where you are reading this, in accordance with NYS law all readings are intended for entertainment only.

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About Angela Kaufman:
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This month’s Tarot reading was conducted using the traditional Rider Waite deck. For more information on this deck, please visit This deck was created by A.E Waite and Pamela Colman Smith and is currently under copyright by US Games Inc, 2012-14.