Encounters: UFO Experience

Good news for those who live near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or those planning on visiting there this summer! Encounters: UFO Experience will be back and open as of April 1, 2014 for the spring and summer season!

This place sounds so neat! Encounters offers 7 different galleries to showcase artifacts, witness accounts, a wealth of debunking information to attract curious visitors and create the case for the existence of alien life. It includes more than 200 original and reproduction alien artifacts, films, recordings, conceptual models and interactive experiences. Visitors get to experience: Alien Hunter (a laser tag-style shooting gallery), Alien Autopsy (in a tribute to “Grossology,” visitors can grab alien guts and brains), Electromagnetic Propelled UFOs (a propulsion exhibit where UFOs are controlled by magnets and visitors), Alien Gods (a guide to ancient history of aliens), Speak to Aliens (send messages to outer space. A pre-recorded message is sent in response to kids.), Alien Specimens (new life forms have been recovered and are on display), and a Speaker Series (featuring UFOlogists including special guest Stanton Friedman).

Encounters looks like the kind of place that alien/UFO enthusiasts can get their geek on, and still bring the rest of the family for a fun day! For more details, like ticket prices, hours of operation, etc. visit their website ufoexhibition.com.