Fun with Icona Pop

I learned about the musical act Icona Pop on Huffington Post, which pretty much seals the deal, I am an old person. Despite perhaps the fudie dudie introduction, I quickly fell in love with their highly danceable tunes, filled with heartbreak lyrics, and sung in raucous accents. I bought their EP, and then I bought their album “This Is….Icona Pop”.

Anyway, the folks over at Teen Vogue do a video series “Breakfast with Bevan”. Generally Teen Vogue doesn’t cross over into my interests, or into what I think my readers may enjoy. However this time it’s “Breakfast with Bevan: Icona Pop”. And what follow is 5 minutes and 30 seconds of absolutely charming interview.

I love those ladies and now totally want to go out drinking with them some night. You know they would be a ton of fun!

Speaking of fun, here is their must fun song ever, “I Love It!”

For the record, I’m definitely a 90’s bitch. You?