American Heart Month: 3 Steps to Let Go Of Stress

By Allison Johnson RN

February is American Heart Month and if you’re stressed for any reason, you may be experiencing emotions such as frustration, overwhelm, resentment, anger, and anxiety.

The problem with these negative emotions is they can have a devastating impact on your health and well-being affecting your heart, mental clarity, productivity, and immune system. Not only that but unless released, these disempowering emotions can become trapped in your body creating emotional baggage that potentially can cause future health problems or havoc in your life.

How Anger and Caring Affects Your Immune System

A fascinating study was done at the Heart Math Institute. The study’s participants were asked to think of something that made them angry for a total of 5 minutes. They tested their blood levels over the next 6 hours and found their immune system plummeted over their baseline and did not return to the baseline within the 6 hours.

A week later the same participants returned and were asked to think of thoughts of caring for 5 minutes. That time their immune system function shot up and remained above the baseline for the same 6 hours.

Stop the Stress with the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” Method

Try the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” method to remove yourself from harm’s way and gain improved health and happiness throughout the year.

Stop and recognize you’re feeling stressed.
Drop what is disempowering you in the moment.
Roll with a method that will empower you, bringing you back to a feel good place.

Here are some techniques to help you Roll into positive emotions (choose what works for you):

• The Freeze Frame Technique from Heart Math is used to help you in the moment you experience stress. This will help you feel more balanced and effective as you deal with the stress in your life. Step away from the stressful event if you can, then shift your focus of attention to the area around your heart. Feel your breath coming in through your heart and going out the solar plexus. Make a sincere effort to activate a positive feeling. Allow yourself to feel a genuine appreciation and caring for another person, place, or thing.
Humor and laughter will help to quickly change your mood.
Choose music that will calm your soul and nurture your spirit.
Think of thoughts of gratitude or appreciation. What are you grateful for? Who or what do you appreciate?
Let go of emotional baggage with The Emotion Code.
Consider Bio-Feedback devices or smart phone apps to train yourself to more quickly shift from a state of stress to a state of peace which will increase your sense of well-being (and your immune system).
Take a walk or hike in nature.
Practice yoga.

About Allison Johnson:
Allison Johnson is a registered nurse, healthcare consultant and certified practitioner of “The Emotion Code”, groundbreaking methods developed by veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson to help people spark physical, mental and emotional self-healing. Allison lives in Auburn, CA, between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. She can be reached at where she provides 20 minute complimentary sessions.