Wychwood’s Scarecrow

Back in 2012 I shared with you my experience trying out Wychcraft from Wychwood Brewery. That’s when I learned that you guys love talking about booze! I knew I liked you guys. Anyway, I’m back again with another bottle from Wychwood Brewery, Scarecrow.

As I outlined in my previous article, I tend to prefer lighter beers like pilsners. Scarecrow is described on the label as a “Golden Pale Ale”; between that and how much I like Wychcraft I had to give it a try. It’s like the pilsner of the gods; light, refreshing, and with just enough body to let you know you’re drinking an English ale. What makes an interesting side note is that Scarecrow is USDA certified organic.

Yep, Scarecrow is an organic beer. The description on the back of the bottle reads, “Scarecrow Organic Ale is brewed using organically grown Plumage Archer barley malt & Target hops to create a refreshing tasting beer of exceptional flavor & character. Ingredients grown to organic standards prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides & fertilizers.”

Is it the organic nature of Scarecrow that makes it so delicious? Proponents of organic food and drink I’m sure would say yes. However I suspect it’s just the inherent magical nature of Wychwood Brewery that makes Scarecrow taste so darn good. It’s just what they do.