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By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

Happy 2014 readers! In spite of the dark and cold, January is a great month to be inspired. This month’s Querent, whom we will call Roland, is hoping to make 2014 the year for a big transition- moving to a new home. He wants to know if this will be the big year for this move and if any indication can be given as to direction/distance. For this domestic question I feel compelled to consult the charming retro Housewive’s Tarot.

While conducting the reading I sense a great deal of pressure and anxiety, as if this is matter involves some emotional turmoil. Roland’s three cards are the 6 of Swords, reversed, the Chariot, and the Seven of Swords reversed. When conducting a reading I strive to focus on empowerment rather than fatalistic yes-or-no perspectives. Having said this, my sense is that while Roland may come very close to his goal this year, it is strongly advised that he consider altering his time table. The resounding impression from this reading is reminiscent of the old saying “close but no cigar”. In Roland’s situation however it would be more appropriate to say “you will come close, there will be a cigar, but you will find it most unsavory”. Of course we can see why the latter never became a catching adage. What does this mean for Roland? Should he give up, or try harder? Many times foreknowledge of a situation can provide the opportunity to take different actions and affect change to the overall outcome, but there is no guarantee that this will always be the case. While these cards do not seem favorable for a move happening this year, they likewise do not suggest an outright lost cause.

The first card appears reversed and is the Six of Swords. If this card were right side up and further in placement in the reading it would suggest that Roland would be likely to relocate but that it would come as a compromise, not as his first option. Placed as it is, it suggests that Roland’s itch to move on involves a desire to start over and put a messy situation behind him. He is seeking resolution to a conflict but will not be likely to get his clean start right away. Something is getting in the way. He will be likely to put effort into his goal only to find numerous dead ends and detours along the way….for now. Roland should understand that this does not imply that he should cease his efforts. He may do well to revise his time frame or re-examine his motivation and strategy. This is not likely to be a smooth transition if he insists on pushing forward according to current plans. Also, part of the emotional resolution he is seeking through this transition is likely to allude him. To reference another saying, if Roland is assuming the grass will be greener in another’s yard, he is likely to find that the yard is slightly out of reach for now and even if he had the means to reach it, he would find it is not the solution he initially hoped for. This card is in the recent past position suggesting there has recently been a move or attempt which was not successful. An attempt to relocate may have already been put into motion and then reconsidered, foiled or suspended. In fact the idea of suspension is a theme in Roland’s reading as each card echoes this concept of stalemate.

The second and most significant of the three cards is the Major Arcana card, the Chariot, numbered 7. This card speaks to the soul of the matter. Roland feels mostly ready to move on and has resigned himself to making this transition but is not fully committed on some level to the steps that will be required. He has conflicting feelings that prevent him from taking the necessary actions to make this transition occur. There may be an additional burden that is not so easily relinquished. This may be a lease, mortgage, obligation to a particular location or some type of fear or doubt that keeps him harnessed in place in spite of some efforts to move forward. This is not defeat however. It simply suggests Roland has a little more work to do to prepare himself.

In spite of his determination this card suggests some indecision, even on a subconscious level. There is something of personal significance keeping Roland tied to his present residence. It is more than a financial matter, it is one of personal acceptance. He has not yet come to terms with exactly what this move will entail for him personally and thus has not yet made a full hearted commitment. It also feels like there is something he needs to let go of. In terms of location this card also suggests a difficult choice faced further into the year regarding two very opposite lifestyles or geographic directions, both seemingly equal in terms of attraction and repulsion. As much as Roland wants to move on he still appears to see himself as committed to a particular area and an opportunity is likely to arise that challenges his rootedness to a certain community. He will be challenged to decide between taking a bigger risk and moving farther than expected or remaining and waiting it out to see about future opportunities.

Extra baggage stands in the way of this transition. As the year unfolds, Roland is likely to develop some progress toward his goal and then within 7 weeks or months, find himself at an impasse. It seems more likely that within 2-3 years this move will take place rather than in the immediate future. Roland needs to spend some time searching his conscious and unconscious motivations for this transition and ensure that he is being realistic in his expectations. He will likely devote more energy to preparing for this transition this year rather than taking the action and making the move. This is still a sign of significant progress as he will be more than half way there and will be opening up to finishing stages of this process that propel him beyond the plateau in which he finds himself stuck.

The final card echoes the plateau message as it is another seven, the Seven of Swords, also reversed. This card being reversed suggests a resolution found but with patience and work, and a little more time. In its normal presentation, this card suggests futility and stagnation. Representing the future steps and in a reversed position however, its meaning suggests resolution after overcoming an initially futile attempt. It suggests that Roland is currently stuck and will need to focus the majority of his efforts this year on resolving the plateau he faces, but that by the end of the next 7-12 months he will identify factors that have been sabotaging his goal and will be actively engaged in overcoming these obstacles. This may involve paying off a debt or resolving an issue that was draining his finances. It may also involve taking measures to pursue his goal more efficiently as the current situation suggests his efforts are not representative of a full commitment. The obstacle he faces will be overcome but he needs to take different action and be mindful to not repeat processes that are time and energy consuming without yielding positive results. It seems that if Roland proceeds without overcoming the obstacle represented by the Chariot he will find himself placing much effort to no avail and somehow sacrificing more time, energy, and perhaps even money in the process. There is some aspect of the present situation that if it remains unchecked will be a drain on his progress in moving this year, or will ultimately sacrifice his true goal in the effort to make things happen without a solid base.

Overall the reading suggests progression toward Roland’s goal as the numbers proceed from six to seven and then the number seven is repeated. This suggests action taken and then a stalemate beyond the halfway mark. Either difficulty selling his home or leaving his lease, difficulty securing the final stages of the moving process or a misunderstanding or ambivalence toward the final stages of the move are likely obstacles. These obstacles can be overcome with different action and perhaps a slightly different attitude. When a reading yields a number of reversed cards, it suggests unfulfilled potential. Consider what can be done to “right” the reversals. What energy, resources, compromises or potential assistance is available but not being utilized? View the reversal not as a wall that stands in the way, but as an idea that is emerging but not yet complete. What additional touches are needed to take this idea and put it into action? Interestingly the cards that emerge suggest that the greatest difficulty Roland will face is one of inaction or inability to take action as he originally desired. Anticipating a delay, Roland can be empowered enlist his creativity and flexibility to consider his goal in a different light. If he remains true to the inspiration for his decision and commits himself to the end result he will be better able to navigate through delays in his plans.

There is excess baggage perhaps emotionally and materially, that he needs to resolve and let go of before his plans are able to be executed, as the Chariot is the one card which is upright as if it holds the two reversed cards in the balance. This suggests Roland is at a pivotal stage in his development and before he moves further he must resolve some issues that continue to keep him stuck. By doing so he deepens his commitment to his future life and is ready to leave behind what no longer serves his lifestyle. The reversed Seven of Swords also suggests potential delayed as it is the final card in the reading. If the first reversal in the past suggests an idea that is formulating but not yet complete, a future reversal suggests untapped potential that emerges gradually. Roland is likely to shed his burdens and move away from what has been draining him but it will take some time to go through this process. If he currently rents or owns a home it may take a seven month time period to resolve this burden and in the process he may find himself exerting energy and spending money in the process.

With an open mind and willingness to make the full mind/body commitment to this change Roland will move forward personally and in residence but it seems that this year there are plateaus to overcome at least for the majority of 2014. Best of luck Roland, bring your focus to the ultimate goal and keep your hope your goal is closer than you may realize even when obstacles come your way.

Remember no matter where you are reading this from, in accordance with NYS law all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

This month’s reading was conducted using the Housewive’s Tarot by Jude Buffum and Paul Kepple, Quirk Books November 2004. This deck is just too awesome to not check out, even if you don’t plan on reading cards yourself. Its vintage style and subtle humor is worth a glance.

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