North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society Case #0256

By Deborah Collard

Home of:
John and Jane Ghost
111 Ghost Town Drive,
GhostTown, Anywhere, USA

NAPS was contacted on June 15 in relation to a possible haunting at the above listed location by the homeowner Jane. Jane states that she is feeling a presence, very strongly in certain areas of her home. She states she would like for NAPS to investigate and see if she is only imagining things or IF there is a presence there. Jane reports no danger, only things that are giving her “roller-coaster” emotions at times and the feeling that she is not alone. Jane states that she and her husband will be on vacation for the next week and to please follow up as soon as we can. NAPS staff Ricci, Christy and Bob went over to the Ghost’s home the following week after their vacation for baseline studies and initial interviewing.

Initial Interview: June 23, 2007
The clients were made aware that there is a certain protocol for NAPS to investigate. Forms are required to be filled out unless the client declines. For example: North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society Advice Waiver, NAPS Confidentiality Form, Release and Waiver of Liability Form, Permission Form and others as deemed necessary.

NAPS Interview Sheet:
What exactly is occurring in your home?
Response: Well I feel like my daddy is here. I can smell him and feel his presence.

When did these occurrences begin and how often do they occur:
They have been going on for several years but seem to be getting stronger and more frequent.

Could you please give me a brief history of this property?
Well my parents owned this home until their death and then my husband and I bought it following their deaths.

Could you please give me the exact locations of the activity?
I feel it heavier in the back yard around the grape vines that daddy planted, also in the kitchen and the family den where they entertained.

Would you like for NAPS to investigate these occurrences?
Yes, please.

Notes: The Client seems very concerned about the presence of the spiritual activity. It appears the family is in a decision making process that could affect the home and it staying within the family. During initial walk-thru one can sense the presence of energy, especially in certain areas. Asked client to please journal any unusual occurrences both location and times until we return. Home is in good repair, very elegant and clean.

Investigation: June 29, 2007
NAPS STAFF Present: Deborah, Nathan, Ricci, Brandy, Larry, Robert, Christy and Bob
The team of NAPS met at the investigation point at 7PM. NAPS was greeting warmly by homeowners. Equipment was unloaded and placed in Family Den for disbursement to necessary locations of use. At 7:16pm NAPS staff determined the first place to investigate was the backyard area where the father had spent countless hours working. Lawns manicured with fountains, various statues and woodwork present. EVP’s, Photos and sensory feelings noted at this location. NAPS note the weather to be very hot, overcast as if storm or rain approaching. Baseline temperature reading while exiting to lawn area was 86 degrees then dropped immediately to 82 degrees. Pictures revealed some orbs present during the daylight hours, these could be associated with the mugginess and the ponds located in the backyard. While in the backyard temperature variances of 86-90 degrees based on location. EVP’s no evidence revealed.

At 7:37pm the Family Living Room had a baseline reading of 68 degrees. At this same time wireless cameras were being set up in the Family Den, also the original bedroom of the parents. HI 8 was set up in Family Den directed in the location of the Father’s private Bath.

At 7:40 EMF reading spiked in the Father’s private bath from 15 to 90. Determined bad fuse in bathroom. Homeowner replaced.

At 7:55 Living room baseline reading 68-69 degrees. Living room video being monitored by NAPS staff member. Noted various orbs and slight movement of chair in LR. Homeowner states this was her mother’s favorite chair.

From 8:00 until 9:00 NAPS staff member into Living Room sitting in the dark observing. Determined it would be time to bring in dousing rods. Client opens closet door and distinctly smells her father’s scent. Worked with dousing rods questioning whether or not spirit present. Yes responses recorded. Client pulled out two fur coats. Client asked me to determine with the dousing rods which coat the father liked the best on her mother. Dousing rods made determination, correct.

Around 9 pm NAPS staff members to the basement area. The deceased father’s belt was still hanging where it had been since death. Daughter had not removed. NAPS Deborah held the belt and feelings overcame her of a rapid heart rate and pain to the left side of her face. So Noted. Battery drainage noted on camera by Deborah . NAPS Ricci had a feeling of nausea. Note: There were chemicals located next to each other that would create a headache or stomach upset to someone sensitive to these things. Ricci and Nathan debunked.

At 9:06 Bob, Ricci and Larry to Master Bedroom to find it very peaceful but as they were leaving the EMF meter spiked. Unknown cause.

At 9:14 Guest Bedroom #1 had feeling of energy in the room. K-2 Spikes on bed. Found that bed was grandparents of client’s husband.

At 9:49 return to basement, Ricci at this time started having a headache. It was definitely determined because of chemicals in basement.

Around 10PM Larry is in the kitchen/DR area while monitoring video feels someone touch his neck. It made him jerk, due to startling. It was determined later that this dining room table was removed from a “supposed” Haunted Estate many years before.

NAPS staff continued to monitor the home with technical equipment for the next couple of hours. EVP’s continued to be taken throughout the home. Photo’s as well.

Deborah decided to meditate and see if anything would come to her in this altered state of consciousness. She could see a woman with short hair, brown hair with gray streaking wearing a snap housecoat. The housecoat appears green in color with some type of florals, material very soft and puff sleeves noted. The housecoat comes down below the knees slightly and the woman is wearing slippers with some type of bow on the top. A little dog, appears old, dog is black and white. The lady has pierced ears but no earrings. She is wearing two wedding bands, one wide and one thin. She has very thin hands. The woman was slender, not heavy. Someone touched her face and she stopped feeling and seeing. Ricci sat down with Deborah and said she keeps seeing a heart locket or necklace with a thin chain.

REVEAL: July 1, 2007 @ 1:30PM
NAPS STAFF Present for Reveal: Deborah, Ricci, Brandy and Bob
Both Homeowners present

NAPS Staff was welcomed warmly to the residence. We brought along the laptop for evidence reveal. We explained to clients that there was no significant photo’s and that video did not reveal any anomalies. One EVP we were unable to debunk, a female voice calling out the name of the female homeowner. After listening to the EVP, client stated that it sounded like her mother calling her. We noted that the high EMF spikes in the bathroom and at one electrical outlet were something that the homeowner should follow up on with an electrician. We concluded that the homeowner should store chemicals, pesticides and other things of this nature in a more appropriate manner as not to risk headaches or illness.

With this noted on the hard science side we continued to the soft science side of the evidence.
We concluded that Staff member Larry had indeed been touched by something of an unknown nature while in the kitchen/DR area. I expressed to the home owner that I had questions related to my meditative state whereas certain things were coming through to me. They were as follows and response from homeowner noted.

1. A woman with short hair, brown hair with gray streaking wearing a snap housecoat. The housecoat appears green in color with some type of florals, material very soft and puff sleeves noted. The housecoat comes down below the knees slightly and the woman is wearing slippers with some type of bow on the top. A little dog, appears old, dog is black and white. The lady has pierced ears but no earrings. She is wearing two wedding bands, one wide and one thin. She has very thin hands. The woman was slender, not heavy.

2. Response from female homeowner: My mother wore the snap housecoats; they were her favorites for lounging around the house. She wore the floral ones. Mother did have slippers with bows on the top, like house shoes she wore with her housecoat. Mother and Daddy did have a cocker spaniel and it lived a very long life. She continues to state that her mother had pierced ears but could not wear earrings; she was allergic to some of the metals in them. Finally she stated that her mother did wear both a wide band and thin band on her 4th finger. She states she loved her jewelry.

3. Ricci asked her if her mother had a ‘heart’ locket or necklace on a thin necklace. The homeowner smiled and said yes she did, it’s in the safety deposit box.

4. Deborah had the pain on the left side of her face and racing heart while holding the belt of the homeowners father while down in the basement. The homeowner states that her father had been killed at the intersection just at the end of the street. That he died instantly. That he had a bad heart and that he was struck on his left side.
We concluded our reveal and lovely conversation with the clients. The clients were thrilled with the kind and heartfelt service of NAPS Staff. The homeowner asked if we would come back again at a later date when we had time. The homeowners requested that we form a circle and hold hands while the male homeowner led us in prayer in a most gracious manner. NAPS Staff departed with the decision that although not haunted that the presence of the deceased parent’s spirits are still present in a good way.

About the Author
Deborah Collard
Founder, North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society
Haunted Southern Nights
Director of the Paranormal OmegaCon

Deborah again finds herself looking up in amazement at a beautiful monument located in Shiloh National Military Park. This is so what she enjoys doing. Exploring the past! Deborah, who is Cherokee by blood, enjoys reaching back into the past to connect her with the spiritual world. The way she celebrates this passion is through her studies of the paranormal. Deborah considers herself an ‘oldie’ in this venue, knowing that 30 years ago the only tools she used to investigate with were her flashlight and whomever she could drag along with her to see if she could find answers to the many questions that wandered through her mind. Did the spirits of those who had passed still have a grasp on the earth via earthbound spirits? Was there truly a form of life after death? Were there those who chose not to leave for reasons unknown? Today she enjoys her life as a wife, mother, and even a Nana! Her quest for answers has never ceased. As technology progressed so did she and many years later has a very solid team of paranormal investigators. The Team is NAPS – North-Eastern Alabama Paranormal Society. NAPS was officially formed and being sought out to do investigations in 2004. If asked she will tell you NAPS is her family. Deborah teaches workshops, does lectures and panels on the paranormal. It is important to her that ghost hunters know just what they are doing and the proper way to do it!

In January 2007 Deborah and NAPS became a viable part of OmegaCon. OmegaCon promises to be the greatest sci/fi, fantasy and paranormal convention to ever come to the State of Alabama. OmegaCon will be held in Birmingham, Alabama on March 14-16, 2008.

Now NAPS is taking it one step further with the guidance of OmegaCon Productions. Haunted Southern Nights was always a dream to Deborah but OmegaCon Productions is making it a reality. Starting in July, NAPS will begin filming a series of paranormal investigations in some of the hottest locations in the South.

Deborah hosts NAPS Live Radio “Haunted Southern Nights” along with her friend and colleague Nathan Levan, NAPS investigator and VP of OmegaCon. Tuesday nights are very much looked forward to. Deborah seems to never meet a stranger or a ghost she can’t be friends with.

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