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By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

It is November and Americans are counting down the days until changes instituted under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, go into effect. A question on many minds is the subject of this month’s column: What is up with Obamacare? Please understand that while I am curious about the implications of this monumental shift in policy, it is also my intention to not reflect my own views, hopes or fears in this reading- a difficult task and exciting challenge.

In only three cards a glimpse is shown, not every aspect of this complex social, political and economic shift likely to be caused by the institution of this new bill. For an initial intuitive “warm up” I hoped to glean a sense of the good, bad and ugly about the coming changes, trying to be objective and open up purely to the guidance from Spirit. My initial impression is that the original bill promised, discussed and debated will be either stopped or watered down. My sense is that even this close to the “deadlines” there will still be cuts, compromises and political reconstructive surgery on this policy so that what we have heard rumor of will not be what ends up coming down the line. My sense is that discrepancies among powerful institutions that influence government will not allow this bill to pass as intended and civil disobedience in many forms will ensue. I also sense that the majority of individuals hoping to receive positive benefit from this policy change will largely be in the dark about their rights and responsibilities and that misinformation or poor information will be a significant disadvantage to the masses.

On a positive note I sense a turning point on the horizon for numerous health crises including those involving prescription drugs and obesity. The attention given to the flaws in current healthcare system will revolutionize healthcare as we know it and that greater accountability and definitive results will be demanded by numerous powers involved from researchers to insurance companies to health advocacy groups. I feel a shift in power accompanying this issue- on more than a medical front, on an economic and civil rights front as well. Greater attention given to populations neglected and underserved by the healthcare system and greater priorities given to addressing lack of preventive care. Revolutionary ripple effects will follow this change- a fissure or drastic schism among political rivals. The government shutdown last month will not be the last act of disharmony among those in power. Again I wish to emphasize this is not my hope, nor is it any reflection of my personal feelings about this bill. My sense is that the individualization of coverage will not imminently take place- it seems to me that this is initially a result of confusion and lack of awareness of the majority of lay people regarding how to individualize care to meet their needs.

Now for the cards- an interesting mix! No Major Arcana, a surprise considering the significance of this milestone bill- this also leads to my impression that what rolls out next year will be quite watered down but will serve as a philosophical and political catalyst more than an actual step in our collective enlightenment or betterment. There are however two aces. The Ace of Cups, the Four of Swords, and the Ace of Pentacles.

The Ace of Cups suggests happiness, compassion and new understanding emerging. This suggests a unified benevolent and loving atmosphere. It is associated with joy and celebration. I feel this card represents the cleansing, positive aspects of this change- that for many the satisfaction of accessing care will be a relief. It also suggests a new beginning that suffices to satisfy the emotional needs perhaps more style than substance.

The Four of Swords suggests the downside of this transition phase- stagnation, delay and loss of power. The engine that drives this change seems to run out of steam before the main mission is accomplished. There is a sense of being driven into hibernation as well. While delays have already occurred we may expect another delay of four weeks or four months before the final product is ready. Stagnation is likely to occur as multiple sides reach a stalemate and there is little budging from Democrats or Republicans for a period of likely 4 months. Further delays will likely accompany the roll out phase- as if the original plan is laid to rest before it is even born.

The final card in the reading is the Ace of Pentacles. Another ace reaffirms the message of new beginning, after a period of standoff the breaking point will arise in favor of profit and business rather than in favor of the benefit of the public. The bill will be born after progress is halted but what is birthed is more concrete and profit driven version of the original mission, having lost idealism and social conscience. It would also seem that happy optimism are replaced by concrete, direct and rigid final product that serves to get the job done. As much as this bill brings about a new model for healthcare it appears to deliver more economic features than socialist benefits, for better or worse.

As we brace for the changes ahead excitement be prepared to embrace the emergence of new concepts around healthcare stemming from what is benevolent and disappointing about this first step in the direction toward a new model of managing health needs. The initial changes slow in coming, bring dividing lines both economically and philosophically. We may choose this transition to be our collective initiation- a catalyst for change that may not fully take shape for another four years or so but which at least brings to life the possibility of a system that looks far different from what has been accepted as status quo. The “first born” version of this plan appears to fall short of the social ideals upon which it was originally based, but it is nevertheless the first step. As a catalyst, this first bill will serve the purpose of challenging the past model and though it seems to come close to mimicking it when all is said and done I feel the door will be open for further change in the long term.

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