Shanti Orchestra: Epic New Age Album

I love collaborations. I tend to romanticize, glorify, and other things that end in the “I” sound them. So you can imagine how excited I got when I heard about Ricky Kej’s album “Shanti Orchestra”. Composer Kej collaborated with over 20 different musicians from around the globe. The results are, well, for example, here’s “Pieces of Heaven” with lyricist and vocalist Alexis D’Souza from Qatar.

Not too shabby, right? Beautiful, yes? Dare I say enchanting? I think I dare.

Here’s “Exotic Dreams”:

Exotic, right? Mellow but you can groove to it, yes?

I really enjoy “Forever” featuring lyrics and vocals by Junior Bay from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Just sublime, correct?

The liner notes describe “Shanti Orchestra” as an “epic ‘New Age’ album”. I’m by no mean an expert on the “new age” musical genre, but Ricky Kej’s undertaking with “Shanti Orchestra” was certainly epic and the results were certainly wonderful and evocative. That seems pretty much like an epic New Age album to me!