Helping Opportunity Knock

By Lisa McCue Janusz and Carole Hyder

We all want opportunity to “knock”, particularly when it comes to our professional lives. Whether we’re looking for a new job, seeking a promotion, or just want to breathe some enthusiasm into our day-to-day routine, new opportunities provide a welcome fresh perspective.

Some people seem to attract opportunities more easily than others. You might wonder how you can do the same. The answer lies in a basic principle of Feng Shui: your space reflects your life.

As Feng Shui consultants we’ve seen clients working at cluttered desks, sitting in moldy unfinished basements or even scraping around on old office chairs missing a roller or two. Many valuable hours are spent working in these less-than-desirable environments. Is that supportive? Motivating?

Here are some excellent Feng Shui tips to attract new opportunities into your own life:

• Be sure to invite opportunities by using your front door, even if you have an attached garage. This helps get energy moving. Try to use it at least a couple of times a week. For added effect, try entering and exiting your home through your front door nine days in a row.

• Make sure your house greets your visitors, as well as opportunities. Create a welcoming front path and a noticeable front door. Make sure your doorbell works and that your house numbers are easily seen.

• Your office should reflect your professional goals. Get a solid desk and a chair with a high back to support you.

• Make sure your office reflects your goals and desired career destination. A person on a corporate executive path will have a more traditional office, while an interior designer will likely include more creativity and flair in their space.

• Think of two or three well-known people in your industry. Search out or imagine what their offices might look like. (Pinterest is great for this kind of thing!) Then add a few elements from their environment into yours.

Whatever you do, never underestimate the power of your surroundings. We all know it just feels different to sit in a leather executive chair at a nice wood desk versus a folding chair and card table. It changes your attitude, your outlook and the kind of opportunities you attract!

About Lisa McCue Janusz & Carole Hyder:
Lisa McCue Janusz is faculty and registrar, and Carole Hyder is the founder of Wind & Water School of Feng Shui. Wind & Water School of Feng Shui offers beginning to advanced Feng Shui classes including a comprehensive, certified training program.