The Tormenting TeeFury

I am a possessed, obsessed. I’m being tortured, haunted. When I close my eyes, it’s there. My friends, I’ve discovered TeeFury.

Each day they offer a t-shirt for 24 hours. Not just any t-shirt. No! T-shirts with amazing, creative artwork that more often than not takes on some geek favorites. There are SO many “Firefly” themed t-shirts that have rolled through there, and “Doctor Who”, tons of “Who”. Of course “Star Wars” has been there and even some “Monty Python”.

I want this shirt!
No, this one!

There’s the 24 hour shirt, then there is a small gallery of t-shirts available that have been brought back by votes. However, in order for that to be available, you have to see all the shirts you missed. Oh the stabbing pain as t-shirt after gorgeous t-shirt scrolls past. What could have been. And then there is the matter of not being able to afford to buy a shirt every day, let alone play catch up in the gallery!

How cruel the fates have been! Can’t the universe show me any mercy? Alas no. Once you have seen TeeFury you are trapped in its vicious, addictive, 100% cotton web.

Here’s how TeeFury makes their daily tees.

To learn more, to love, to shop; visit TeeFury!

What about this one?