Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

August brings the early signs of harvest and the desire to reap the fruits of one’s labor. This month’s Querent, who we will call Lisa, is a hard working professional in the sales industry. She has recently started a new job and is interested in finding out how she can increase her sales.

The initial impressions in this reading are full of harvest symbolism- the image of an Apple tree full of connotations; wisdom, risk, fruitful endeavors and Magick. Lisa should also be mindful of potential clients or agencies with apple or apple tree as part of their logo or name. A secondary impression early on in the reading is that of a computerized program that expands Lisa’s network as well as access to a greater database of information and clients. It seems that this is somehow linked with an educational program suggesting either distance learning or a certification that enables her to expand her reach and customer base as well as the information of benefit to clients.

The first card drawn is the Three of Pentacles. This suggests expansion in business and career as a result of specialized training experience or certification. It suggests that branching out and gaining the edge in career as a result of specialization. Lisa should be on the lookout for opportunities for growth through furthering her education. It also seems like this will be an opportunity that is granted to a group but a small group or team. Collaboration in this advancement opportunity will expand Lisa’s knowledge and skill base but more importantly will give some type of official certification or credential which will attract potential clients. It seems like Lisa’s professional network will be improved through exposure granted by this educational opportunity. This also suggests a time period of about three months during which time sales will increase and client base will expand.

The next card is the Three of Rods. As this is another three it strengthens the emphasis on expansion and broadening Lisa’s horizons especially through small group efforts that take shape within the next three months. This time the emphasis is not only on accomplishments through training and recognition of abilities and skills but on networking and communication. Small focus groups and team efforts that involve writing, research and advertising will help advance sales and customer base. It also feels like some type of database or shared network is involved. Lisa should be alert to opportunities to take part in collaborative group endeavors, focus groups and networking opportunities involving both social networking but also access to information stored in a more advanced database. There is some advantage that will come her way through written communication and likely through electronic communication. It seems like access to this database will increase her clientele and access to the information she is able to provide to clients that will give her an edge in her field.

The final card is the Hierophant numbered 5. This card connects Lisa to institutions and organizations which hold a large established structure. Within the next three months Lisa will have opportunities to expand and increase her training and it seems like she will ultimately be facing the decision to make a commitment to advance within a large organization. If the current company is a small or independent business it seems like some growth will take place over the next few months but that the opportunity to become part of a larger system will be enticing. This system has both work and educational components to it and it seems like Lisa will be able to learn a great deal from her experience with this organization but will postpone the autonomy and creative influence she may currently have in order to complete her training or be part of this organization. Likewise within about three months’ time Lisa will have the opportunity to experience advancement and the full potential of her current work but may come to feel stifled or repressed nonetheless. At this point it seems she will have the opportunity to advance her career by breaking ties with the current organization in favor of one in which she will earn more in the long term after completing some short term training and acquiring further seniority. Long term gains with short term sacrifice will be the theme in this transition as it will seem as if Lisa’s efforts are not bringing suitable level of financial rewards. It also seems like work within a government agency or work that involves an initial return to school will be presented and it will be in Lisa’s favor to pursue this in spite of short term financial constraints. This experience of stagnation and financial plateau after some initial gain and recognition will help serve as a catalyst for Lisa to reinvent her professional image with the help of a return to an educational program or alignment with this powerful organization. It also appears that a mentor or guardian particularly an older gentleman, is influential in helping Lisa to develop in her career at this time. The next few months will lead Lisa to opportunities to find her footing within her field by aligning with a powerful structure or institution which helps give her greater confidence and grounding in her new area. This institution blends spiritual tradition with very practical knowledge and skills and will help Lisa to develop an edge over the competition. This fall would be an ideal time to reconsider training opportunities that will allow Lisa to combine traditional techniques with access to newer technology.

As Lisa’s reading emphasizes the number three, this is a key time to network and expand the social links fostering connections with clients and selling opportunities. The theme of expansion is also fostered by stimulating Lisa’s own energy through creativity- especially use of the written word. This will help discharge stagnant energy and develop new potential through the creative act of establishing the end result through the focus of the imagination. It seems that Lisa will progress financially and will find a solid basis in her career but will eventually find some aspects of her current work to be too personally limiting. More specifically it seems that her sales and profits will increase but she will find that her personal share of her earnings will level off. It seems that she will reach a point where she is earning more than at present but not as much as desired to meet her expectations- either a portion of the earnings gets absorbed by the company or actually plateaus. When this time comes it seems that liberation through increased training or retraining will offer a way for personal and professional advancement. She is encouraged to be on the lookout for opportunities to engage in small focus groups as part of training experiences in the near future and be open to considering affiliation with a larger organization that fosters growth through certification, training and knowledge passed down through an official structure or hierarchy. Membership in a group that utilizes an electronic database to gather and share information will also be to her benefit. There is also an impression of mentors both in the physical and spiritual planes- Lisa’s Higher Power is guarding her interests and there is a strong intuitive/guardian spirit present with her especially in travel. She may have this energy focused in the form of a talisman or guardian image or icon in her car, but even if not this spiritual energy travels with her and is looking out for her highest good. She is encouraged to be receptive to the subtle guidance this spiritual energy imparts on her in the form of intuitive knowing beyond logical reason.

Best of luck to Lisa in her quest to enhance her career and find her niche in a new market. Remember, no matter where you are reading this column all readings are intended for entertainment purposes in accordance with NYS law.

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