Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

It is strongly advised in Tarot and Psychic practice to not conduct readings for those who have not requested guidance. Yet this month I felt compelled to acknowledge a need that exists in our time of transition of the ages and heightened spiritual and mundane anxieties. In honor of the birthday of America as we know it I chose to conduct an oracle reading unsolicited for the people of America in our new age of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

It was a struggle for me to pin down the exact question I wanted to ask. How can things get better? What do we as a society need to do to improve our culture? Are we doomed? After reflection and meditation on this question I was led to use a special deck- the Medicine Cards deck- an animal oracle by Jamie Sam and David Carson. The question is less of a question, but rather a request- Animal Spirits…. What do we need to know, do or experience? In this reading, the spirits of animals native to this country bring their message of guidance and healing.

Ant. Like any modern American I admit my ego secretly fantasized that the first messenger would be large and grand- Hawk, Eagle, Mountain Lion….Ant? The Powers that Be certainly don’t miss a beat in reminding me that my ego has no place in spiritual matters. Ant appears first with Her gift to America. Work, community, collaboration and diligence. Ants are small but strong, surprisingly so. Her message to us is to not deny our own strength and ability to move mountains- one grain of sand at a time. She reminds us of the value of our communities- of all members of our families, neighborhoods and cities- and that we are as strong as our weakest fellows. Our capacity and determination to build and thrive are endless as long as we work diligently toward our goals. Ants remind us to work from the ground up. Grassroots organizations exemplify this energy well. Ant also reminds us of lessons from our heritage- the folk heroes who regardless of our individual cultures, collectively embody the spirit of the individual who overcomes great odds, achieves the unexpected and acts with integrity in honor of community and the benefit to future generations. Discipline and collaboration, as well as harboring large dreams but having the humility to begin with small steps to achieve these dreams are all part of Ant’s gift to us in America today. Sometimes we may need to be persistent, sometimes we may present as pests, but we can not let fears and obstacles block us from our goals. An ant in the midst of their work will go under, over, around or through any obstacle in its way. Each ant carries their work with the collective benefit of each small endeavor benefiting the greater community. Ant also brings the gift of patience and faith, as we co-create the new era of spiritual awareness, let us not forget that each step we take brings us closer to our goals. Perhaps the time is dawning in which we must all ask ourselves what steps have I taken today to strengthen the community and to build our collective dreams? Each part of the whole counts, Ant teaches us. Therefore let us not disregard any part of our community, any portion of our resources, or any step in the larger process of accomplishing together what we can not alone. Having been given this message, I know I have a lot of reflecting to do on how each day can bring an opportunity to be of service to a larger cause than my immediate- and fleeting- needs. And if that isn’t enough, from what I hear…they have high hopes!

Raven is the second animal to come forth through this oracle and share Her message. Raven carries mystique and power. She is synonymous with mysteries of death and with the battlefield. In Celtic lore Raven was the symbol of the Morrigan who was the personification of the warrior spirit. Raven is a shapeshifter, trickster and a bringer of great Magick. Well America, we have our work cut out for us! First Ant is reminding us to honor the smallest of steps in our effort to build our dreams for the collective good- to patiently allow that the sum total of our actions result in the manifestation of progress, regardless of how small or powerless we feel on our journey- and now Raven is bringing the message of change profound transformation. Raven’s power comes from encountering and passing through the realms of death in order to be reborn. It is no surprise that we are given the gift of Raven’s message- as the country faces numerous sources of great unrest and confronts pivotal crisis points both socially, politically, economically and environmentally. Raven signals dangers to those who are aware and open, She prepares warriors for great battles, and she stands by to initiate those whose time has arrived into the mysteries of death and rebirth. She has a bad reputation for destruction and association with darkness- but this is short sighted. She is not the cause of the darkness, rather she is a wise teacher- the type of teacher who will stand by you at the height of a crisis, let us not forget that her presence at the climax of a tragedy does not mean she caused such tragedy in the first place. Raven is there to show us how to transcend disaster, how to integrate and heal significant wounds, and how to rebuild after destruction has occurred. If we are wise we will heed Her warning and prepare for a time in which our illusions are challenged and new vision will be required in order to regroup and succeed. We can not win the battles ahead with outdated ideas and assumptions, nor with the ignorance of the past eras. Raven helps provide us with the most powerful magickal ability- the power to see beyond what we already believe to be true. After all, it was Raven who gifted the Norse God Odin with the wisdom of Rune lore in his time of greatest need- suspended from Yggdrasil by his ankle and rendered powerless and stuck. Perhaps we too, as a nation have reached a point in our development in which our old definitions, systems, and ideals have reached their natural conclusions. The firm ground we once stood on has been shaken by changing times and we may feel we no longer have a leg to stand on. In Odin’s case, liberation from bondage was found in exchange for one physical eye- the price he paid to Raven for the gift of the runes- the exchange then of sight for insight, physical vision for spiritual wisdom. Perhaps it is time we reflect on the strong currents of change revealing themselves all around us, and what sacrifices we are ready to make in order to transcend our old expectations that have only brought us illusions and limitations. When we are ready to open our true eyes, Raven will be waiting. In the mean time I wonder in what ways I am being summoned to accept transformation? Perhaps the warnings from nature that our way of life must change can no longer be ignored without consequence. Raven reminds us that through encountering the dark we find light- be it health, vision, or enlightenment- that all things are held in balance and there are truly no easy gains. Just ask an Ant.

If we can open to Raven’s transformation through darkness we will find light. There are no quick solutions that will be lasting. By encountering sacrifices and accepting loss of what once provided security, we open ourselves up to potential for new growth and fulfillment. As if on cue- Raven is followed by a bringers of light- the Dragonfly. Dragonfly holds a special place in two realms- that of air and water- therefore Her message pertains to the collective conscious, attitudes and creativity of American people, as well as the emotional connection and heritage that bonds us together through our empathy for the common experiences we share. It is worth noting the synchronicity in the evident imbalance of these two qualities at present in the US- tornadoes and floods have ravaged numerous parts of the country. As we bring our collective minds and hearts into balance and open up to the gift of insight and healing provided by Dragonfly- perhaps a greater purpose in the disruption of these two elements will be revealed. We are reminded by Dragonfly that while illusion and distortion of reality can provide a fascinating escape it is not a frame of mind in which we want to get lost. Dragonfly nymphs linger on the water for two years as they develop into their mature form and are able to take flight- this suggests that the next two years will bring a transformation that can provide the catalyst for Americans to soar above their current limitations. This will require creative thinking and the willingness to look beyond immediate gratification. Dragonfly wields the power of light and thus brings both enlightenment and the ability to bend and shape our perceptions in order to reach greater wisdom. A collective commitment to greater consciousness is approaching and many Americans in their own and different ways are answering this call by questioning their values, challenging their assumptions and breaking out of their comfort zones in order to develop new philosophies of living, treating their fellow human beings and all creatures in nature with greater respect and viewing purpose and life from a different vantage point. While crises arise that may diminish the potential capacity for Americans to work collaboratively toward change and consideration for greater good, it is even within these crises- and sometimes because of them- that we are being shown a different way to live and relate to each other. Dragonfly is reminding us of our own inner light and the potential to carry this light to others- but also warns of the distorting quality of illusions which may distract us along the way. Economic and environmental, political and social tensions are causing more of us to see the truth lingering behind our illusions. We are being reminded that a greater purpose exists beyond just treading water- and we must find ways to transcend into higher ideals to find enlightenment.

Happy Birthday America, and may the gifts of these three animals help us in our collective transformations for the good of humanity, the Earth and all Her life forms. May we find meaningful ways to exercise patience, diligence and teamwork, may we come together in times of transition and crisis and be open to the guidance toward our highest potential, and may we find the strength to see truth shine through illusions and distractions.

Remember, no matter where you are reading this, in accordance with NYS law all readings are intended for entertainment only.

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