Crafting Calm

I love books that inspire and Maggie Oman Shannon’s “Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation” does just that. And we’re talking truth in advertising, her book is divided up in to craft projects accessible to crafters of all levels that are designed to facilitate: calm, clarity, comfort, contemplation, creation, community, connection with others, and spirit.

By the time I was done reading “Crafting Calm” I had a handful of projects bookmarked that anyone could do, even me! There’s making personal prayer flags from crafting for clarity where you use things like placemats and a strong crafter’s glue for heavy beads and the like. There’s creating rock cairns from crafting for contemplation. The idea of taking some of my stones and minerals and stacking them meaningfully never occurred to me. Really! Then there are portable shrines from crafting for comfort.

I was particularly taken with Shannon’s description of a tiny matchbox style portable shrine that is often used in Central and South American countries. She bought one at an import store that was covered in bright fabric and had a small seal on it that read “Emergency Kit”. Inside was a “worry doll”, a red seed, and a clay angel pendant. The label glued to the bottom of the box read, “There are moments in which you need a peaceful vibe, a touch of good luck, and someone to tell your worries to. Use this emergency kit to balance those tough moments! An angel for peaceful thoughts, a Lucky Bean, and a Worry Doll.”

Shannon goes on to describe several simple ways you could make your own using Altoid tins or matchboxes. Some paint and some glue, a few bits and baubles that many have around the house and you’re well on your way. Well, I’m not a craft person. (Actually, I am and would love to be but I lack the time, space, and funds to indulge that part of myself.) However, I am a magical dabbler and one does not play in the occult without gathering up a box or two of portable shrine worthy odds and ends.

I decided to make a portable shrine focused on prosperity. I first found a piece of quartz, because in my opinion clear quartz makes everything better. Also, clear quartz is good for prosperity. I had a “wish stone” kicking around. It’s a smooth stone with the word “create” on it. I thought it would be a good addition because it would remind me and the universe to work to “create” prosperity. Lastly, I added some play cash, just to kind of spell out in clear, bold, text to the universe that we’re talking financial prosperity. Yes universe, CASHY MONEY! I didn’t have any tins or boxes, but if you’re a new age shopper like me you probably have multiple little velvet bags. So everything is in a royal purple velvet bag.

Not quite what the author intended, but I couldn't help but dive in!

This is how good “Crafting Calm” by Maggie Oman Shannon is; I couldn’t help but dive right in and create something after reading it! I hope to try more soon!