Wizard Hunters Needs You

Do you enjoy the original movies and television series on the SyFy network? Have you heard of the web series Wizard Hunters? If you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing out. Per their website:

Inspired by fantasy films like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, “Wizard Hunters: The Series” is a fantasy web series about Crystal, a young girl discovering that she plays a vital role in an extraordinary world she never knew existed. Set in our contemporary time, wizards, sorceresses, and vampires battle for control in a war that has been waging for centuries. “Good” and “Evil” find new definition and shades of ambiguity. As the series unfolds, several journeys of personal identity and love are discovered, lost, and avenged. It is an epic story told through high-action and special effects. “Wizard Hunters” is an intriguing ride for the whole family!

I was quite impressed by the level of special effects used. Wizard Hunters aren’t some guys who got together with a video camera to play at making a web series. This has some top notch special effects, a serious story line, great costuming, and some wonderful acting. I particularly enjoyed Bob Barr as Orion.

You can watch the first episode right here. It’s only five minutes and 21 seconds.

If you enjoyed what you saw, you should know TWO things. ONE, you can watch the rest of the series for free at www.WizardHunters.com. TWO, they’re currently trying to raise money to do a second season because doing free to watch episodes that look that sweet don’t come cheap. You can check out their Kickstarter to see what rewards you get for donating some cash to the cause here.