Moonlight Tarot’s Question Corner: Mystical Answers to Mundane Inquiries

By Angela Kaufman, Moonlight Tarot LLC

This column is intended to provide messages from the Tarot to address modern problems experienced by everyday people. Questioners, also known as “Querents” submit requests to have their issue addressed in a complimentary three card Tarot Reading published as part of the Magical Buffet. The reading not only addresses the Querent’s issue but also provides education about the role of Tarot as a tool for exploration and empowerment.

The year 2012 ended with a number of intense national crises, from the devastation brought to the East Coast by Hurricane Sandy, to a number of violent tragedies in America’s schools, and malls. Americans also faced anxieties over the uncertainties of the economy with constant debate over the approaching “fiscal cliff”. Such times of intense stress amplify the sensitivity of human beings to their environments, and the delicate but important balance of mental and emotional health. This months’ Querent, a man we will call Jermain, writes in the midst of battling feelings of hopelessness and disappointment which he has not been able to shake after a series of crises affected him over the past few years. He asks how he can find serenity and emotional well being after numerous personal changes and crises over the past few years, and what do aside from medication therapy to find healing.

To Jermain, and anyone out there affected by the weight of depression or anxiety, it is important to emphasize that readings are not substitute for therapeutic interventions, medication, or medical advice. Working with supports in your community is of utmost importance in helping to find closure and healing in the midst of difficult times. While Jermain writes that he is working on these issues with the help of a medical provider, he has yet to find full closure and is hoping to get a different perspective from a more spiritual approach. This reading is intended to complement Jermain’s current efforts and not as substitution for professional or medical advice.

It is worth noting in Jermain’s reading that while shuffling a “Leaper” emerges, this is a card that both signifies the readiness of the deck to “speak” and also will usually pertain to the issue being asked about. It is the Six of Swords, right side up, while the rest of the cards are reversed. This clearly validates Jermain’s feelings of being stuck after a loss. What is interesting to note is that the Leaper, the card which is right side up, is a card of resolution and compromise. The Six of Swords shows a man rowing a boat with a woman and child. There are a number of swords standing on the back of the boat and where the water had been rocky with waves it becomes clear as new horizons approach. This suggests change, loss, compromise, and redirecting thoughts and energy toward new ground. It suggests some defeat, but not of ending. Rather this is a card of cutting losses and moving on- but still being surrounded by loved ones. Whether Jermain faced the loss of property, job, relationship, or the need to take charge in a difficult situation (after all in this card the man is steering, the family are not) it is ultimately a card of moving away from the conflict, the trouble is in the past and the burden is one of readjustment. Numerous changes that likely centered on a few major events were likely to have caused a loss or change of will and some movement on or away from a source of stress, but this would likely have felt like defeat. It was not, it was actually having the wisdom to know when to leave a bad scene and start over. It is the starting over under duress that is often felt as the defeat.

The next three cards are reversed, but two are Major Arcana cards suggesting significance to Jermain’s personal growth. Before responding to the individual card meanings, it is noteworthy that both Major Arcana cards are the cards of light and life force- the Sun and Moon. The Sun is the projective power of will and expression of the self within the visible world. The Moon is the subtle card of the subconscious, of what is repressed, esoteric or secret. Both indicate patterns of relating to the world around Jermain and suggest through their reversal that Jermain has not been able to express himself in his surroundings, that his growth and ability to give and take in relationships have been stunted or blocked. He has been stalled from both projecting light into the world and also from receiving it. A closer look at the first card- the Sun, reversed, suggests that Jermain has been disconnected from a vital source of hope and faith and that while he is surrounded by fortunate resolutions and positive opportunities, there seems to be a dark cloud following him blocking his ability to relish the joy of these occasions.

The Sun is a very positive card of success, health, vitality, growth, creativity and assertion of one’s unique individual energy into the world, brightening the lives of others and radiating with life. Even reversed The Sun is a beneficial force. In Jermain’s case however, the disconnection from faith and hope have the effect of blocking the Sun’s benevolent rays. So Jermain, it looks like in many ways you have been fortunate, things have often turned in your favor or in promotion of your success, health, advancement and well being, but disconnection from your previously strong source of creativity, hope, faith and vitality have diminished the ability to be open to receiving the blessings around you.

The Sun appearing in a reading is a good omen. It portends success, vitality, health and strong spirit. Even its reversal need not deplete the vibrant energy of the sun. It suggests blockage, perhaps even depression or a setback that while decreasing vitality and joy does not destroy its original source. Remember, the Sun remains powerful even when blocked by clouds. The challenge for Jermain is to overcome the residue of his recent difficulties and seek out the sunshine. When powerful cards appear reversed it often suggests stagnation or blockage. One of the best ways to bring energy back into flow is through action-particularly different action. The Sun is a card of projected force and action as well which further calls forth the need to express energy. It is a call to act, to choose, to seek and to unburden his spirit from past disappointments through action. In recovery circles the saying “easy does it” is often followed up by “but do it”. The inertia or depression that has recently plagued Jermain can begin to dissipate if he takes measures to recall the “but do it” portion of this saying. Any action, any change in routine, any venture or risk to call forth the creative expression is one more step in the direction of breaking the powerful bonds of negativity, self doubt, self pity, disappointment and depression. Jermain is being called upon to work with what he has, which may fall short of his expectations but actually still contains a number of significant blessings. Seeking out the joy, becoming more physically active, emphasizing the successes he has achieved all will help immensely to restore the spiritual connection to a source of hope and faith from which Jermain has become disconnected.

The Moon appears next and is also reversed. This suggests details unknown and mysteries at work. It also deals with receptivity or the need to be more receptive. It goes hand in hand with the Sun card in this reading in some ways as Jermain has not only cut himself off from sources of joy, hope and positivity, retreating within himself instead, but has also put up barriers to receiving from others. He may not even realize it but may have tuned out the feedback of others and disconnected from his intuition as well. When the Moon appears it calls for the need to open awareness on intuitive levels. When it is reversed however it is quite common that intuition has become confused with knee jerk emotional reactions. Jermain may be acting on what he believes are intuitive urges but which may in fact are the immediate and primal response to fear and mistrust. The Moon reversed suggests a tendency to act without being fully informed. The Moon is a reflector of light and can also carry the trickster energy of illusion. Jermain’s suffering and perceptions may be colored by external cues that are not fully factual but trigger strong emotional responses. It will be very important for Jermain to question urges to react to his environment.

It will be important for him to spend time contemplating and reflecting on his emotions and continually work to discern the difference between his immediate emotional reaction and the objective information he does have. It is likely that Jermain is experiencing a drive to continually react to situational or environmental triggers without allowing time to reveal the full story. He may be acting without having the full picture. It is important to not rush to judgment. In some ways it may seem paradoxical, but as important as movement, activity and change will be to stimulate Jermain’s energy and harness the energy of the Sun’s creativity and vitality, it is equally important to refrain from impulsive reactions to emotional cues. The emotional cues at this time may not be serving Jermain and are likely contributing to anxiety and fear that could easily be taken out of context. Changes, action and spontaneity should be based in positive creativity. Physical exercise, pursuit of hobbies that are creative but involve movement, investing time and energy in new projects, and spiritually grounding practices that reconnect Jermain to higher creative sources are going to be very helpful. Outright reaction or anxiety based action is not the point and will be detrimental. Just as Jermain will need to seek out hope through connection with the Sun card, it will also be important for him to spend time in contemplation and reflection to recognize his intuition- not the same as fear or emotional reaction- but his deeper connection to his environment and subconscious.

There is a deeper purpose to Jermain’s recent trials and patience and faith will be called upon to make use of these challenges, while action and stimulation are needed to not get stuck in them. Do not confuse contemplation with brooding however. It seems that stagnation has occurred in part because of too much time in isolation or too much focus on what the mind may pass as fact which is merely illusion or individual perspective. Another adage from recovery circles speaks to the definition of “fear” “false emotions appearing real”. The Moon reversed may have brought an emphasis on this brand of fear which now must be put into perspective in the larger context of Jermain’s present life and even his perceptions. Contemplation should be gradual and involve processes such as prayer, journaling, meditation and reflection as at this time Jermain’s immediate inner landscape- his superficial thoughts and interpretations may be disconnected, confused or fueled by illusions based in fear or anxiety. He will need to reach beyond the initial fear based landscape to harness deeper meaning in these trials. Jermain’s strengths in this regard are his creativity, imagination and sensitivity, but these talents are working against him. At this time the distortion may be self perpetuating rather than a response to actual threat.

The final card is from the Minor Arcana. It is the Four of Pentacles, also reversed in this reading. It suggests a need to let go. The card of Pentacles usually connects to one’s finances, work, material wealth or physical, tangible assets. Since Jermain is concerned with his emotional state it is likely that external tangible markers are being held onto tightly in order to try to preserve emotional security. In other words, in the absence of emotional grounding and security, Jermain may be seeking validation through outside markers. He may have sought status, money, career growth or acquisition of material goods to mask the inner turmoil he has been feeling, but this will not soothe his feelings, nor will clinging to these material sources of stability bear fruit. It will be important for Jermain to let go, release the souvenirs of his suffering. A commitment is required at this time- letting go of the comfort and certainty of the negativity which may have manifested in Jermain’s life in routines or patterns that he does not like but has come to recognize as comfortable. It is possible that some of these routines, or markers of security have provided a barrier to “safely” disconnect from others, keeping the attention on maintaining the status quo at the sacrifice of greater personal growth. This card is promising a return to real stability and harmony on numerous levels but especially manifesting in the physical sense of security and stable routines if Jermain will take the risk and let go of the mental and in some ways physical burden he has been carrying. This is easier said than done as Jermain may have built walls around himself to protect against seemingly overwhelming circumstances and stressors, but these barriers are not only no longer needed, they are posing a distraction and obstacle to accessing a truer and more sustainable source of faith.

Jermain will be able to enact changes to his reactions, his routines and his perspective that will allow light to re-emerge in his daily life. In fact a big part of this process will be finding the balance between taking downtime to reflect and contemplate before acting and taking the risk to enact small consistent changes that will foster growth, creativity and spiritual connection. Caution should be exercised in not confusing assumption or emotions for fact but remaining open to intuition. Jermain should also begin to actively seek out confirmation of blessings in his life, giving less focus to past negativity and disappointments. He is standing on the threshold of new beginnings and at this point it is inner doubt, negative self evaluation and preconceived evaluations of others that pose the largest obstacles. It will be essential for Jermain to find constructive ways to begin to let go of the past. By recognizing that which he has held on to too tightly, he can begin the healing process of releasing the energy of hurt, expectations, emotion and stress that have been weighing on him. Creative and active routines such as exercise, Tai Chi, walking, writing etc can be useful in rediscovering joyful routines and breaking out of the stagnation he has faced. It is very important that he clear himself of past patterns however as he is stifling his true potential by focusing intently on the past and ignoring opportunities that surround him.

Remember that no matter where you are when you read this post, in NYS all readings are for entertainment only and are not substitution for legal, medical, or professional advice. Best of luck to you and enjoy the excitement of your growing relationship!

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