Learn How To Be In The Flow: 7 Observations And Suggestions

By Richard Moat

(Hey Folks, it’s me, Rebecca. Here’s the deal, the nice folks over at Masters Channel asked if I would be interested in publishing any of their contributor’s work. I thought this was a good start of the year post that could still be relevant despite the year being a little less new now. So the timing being off is my fault, not his. Now start reading!)

This is a particularly unique time of year, a sort of void that exists between the excesses of Christmas – whether that be excessive spending, stress, eating, socializing, planning etc – and the re-start of the calendar year. Whatever your state during this time, here’s something for you to think about in any quiet moments or down time you may find yourself with.

Many aspects of your life are experiencing renewal regardless of date, time of year, or occasion. Some renewals are consciously experienced and others less so. The miracle that is your body and the intelligence that is weaved into every thread of the universe you are part of both step to an unfaltering beat. This beat is known as “FLOW”.

The term “in the flow” is commonly used when all is going well, all is working and our personal experience of life is generally all good.It is this flow that, when we learn how to recognize and tap into it, can bring us the happiness, fulfillment, success, health and meaningfulness we so often covet.

With this in mind, here are SEVEN observations as to why getting into the natural flow of life can be a challenge, followed by SEVEN suggestions as to how to experience a greater sense of flow from moment to moment:

1. Your life is like a river– it flows easily in only one direction if allowed, with pressure building in light of any attempts to block its natural course.

2. You are likely to have become accustomed to paddling upstream as your default direction – this will be confirmed by any perception you may have that life or any of its important aspects is a struggle.

3. Paddling upstream requires constant effort and attention, often with head down and little respite. Downstream requires simply a steady hand on oar or rudder and allows for greater enjoyment and appreciation of the scenery.

4. The majority of people seem to be heading upstream, often creating a sense of separateness for those choosing to go in the opposite direction.

5. It takes both courage and skill to turn your vessel around amidst the synchronized upstream regatta we are mostly born into – an absence of skill, support or appropriate coaching can add to that challenge, as can criticism or the threat of rejection.

6. It can be easier to go with the majority, to not rock any boat and to put up with the status quo – chances are you’ll then be settling for what others believe is possible and not making your own decisions about what you can experience, enjoy or be.

7. Putting yourself first is often condemned as an undesirable, unattractive behavior, leading you to want to be seen more as selfless and giving so as to incur the approval and validation – rather than the disapproval and unfavorable judgment – of others.
1. Take time to work out if you are upstream or downstream. This awareness is a critical first step in any change process. Keyword: AWARENESS

2. Whatever your experience to this point in your life, the future can only be a replay of the past if you change nothing. A decision to change is an important next step. Keyword: DECISION

3. It is easy to decide to change, for all that is required is an idea or a notion. Key to any change becoming a reality is a commitment to do what it takes to bring about that change… and then to act. Keyword: COMMITMENT

4. Explore and discover what skills, abilities, qualities and beliefs will make your quest for change a successful one. Resources are always required, many of which we already have but have perhaps allowed to fade over time through lack of use. Keyword: RESOURCEFULNESS

5. Explore with equal gusto what might have prevented you from experiencing a life of happiness, fulfillment, success, health and meaningfulness to this point. If you drill down far enough you will always arrive at the same core issue, namely, FEAR. Addressing your conscious and not-so-conscious fears in the number one critical success factor. Keyword: COURAGE

6. Trust yourself and the intuitive sense you have about what is appropriate and possible for you. Allow this “inner tutor” at least the same amount of air time and volume strength as the internal and external critical or doubting voices that may be all too familiar. Keyword: TRUST

7. Selfishness and selflessness are traits that can and must co-exist. Both have their time and their place. The skill is to be selfish when you know that something is right for you regardless of what others might think, say or do to persuade you to the contrary. Keyword: SELFISHNESS

If you are willing to allow the above OBSERVATIONS and SUGGESTIONS space and time to take their place within the internal matrix that drives you, you can look forward to greater results in all aspects of your life, which is the New Year wish that is wrapped up for you in these words.

In coming editions look out for the ‘how’ in how to create, experience and enjoy a happy, fulfilled, successful, healthy, meaningful and purpose-driven life. For now though, enjoy the void and know that in any given moment you are free to decide to make downstream your default course. It’s your life. You decide.

Warmest New Year wishes,
Richard & Masters Channel

What are the biggest fears that you want to overcome this year? My biggest fear is the fear of change… phew, glad I got that out of my system. It’s your time to be sincere with yourself. Share that with your sisters in the comment section below.
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