Feasting on the Unique Qualities of Maritess Zurbano, Starrfire Price and Rebecca

by Rose Rosetree

Talk about delicious dining! Using deeper perception to read people turns any interaction into one of the greatest feasts on the planet. Be my buffet guest as I read three faces that may already be familiar to you. Then we will enter into an even more sumptuous area of the banquet hall, using a technique I teach for doing an empathic merge into their auras.

Not to eat behind anyone’s back, as it were, each volunteer to be read in this article will append her reaction to what I’ve written. You’re also invited to contribute. To speak up at our perception buffet, send your comments by email to Rebecca@The Magical Buffet [relson@themagicalbuffet.com].

My system of physiognomy updates a 5,000 year-old art. Everything about the physical face except coloring becomes meaningful. Reading our magical crew in this article, I’ll read three physical characteristics each. After describing the face data, I’ll summarize a corresponding talent, also a life lesson. The latter is listed with a question mark. Was the challenge overcome or not? Ask the face owner. And that could mean you, if you share similar face data. So I recommend that you read this part of my article with mirror in hand.

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Maritess Zurbano
Maritess Zurbano redefines the traditional rabbit-out-of-the-hat magic show with enthralling illusions and play-with-your-mind feats of mentalism. Forget balloon animals, vapid-minded female assistants, bad jokes and showy Vegas acts, The Amazing Maritess tackles the male-dominated world of magical feats and shows what a Filipina-American from the Chicago suburbs can accomplish.As the only female Asian Mentalist in history, and one of the few professional female magicians in the world, Maritess combines dramatic monologue with internationally award-winning sleight-of-hand, mind reading and illusions.Maritess Zurbano has performed at every major casino in Las Vegas, and toured with her illusion show throughout Asia and Europe. She was nominated for competition in the Federacion Internacionale Des Societe Magique 2000, considered the Olympics of magic. Jane magazine, NHK Japan, Lifetime Television, VH1, Yolk Magazine, The Philippine News, and NYC Newsday love her show.Visit her Website at www.maritess.com.

UP-ANGLED EYEBROWS have the outer corner higher than the inner corner.

The talent: Expect Maritess to understand the very latest. Whatever her interests, she’s plugged into the zeitgeist and will quickly appreciate the latest developments in her field. That could include pioneering those developments herself.

The potential challenge: “Goddess, spare me this old fogy!” Patience may be limited when Maritess deals with those who refuse to change with the times.

PRIORITY AREA 2 is the longest of three facial areas for Maritess. Area I goes from hairline to eyebrow. Area 2 reaches from eyebrow to bottom of the nose. Area 3 extends from bottom of the nose to the chin.

The talent: Priority areas reveal the initial impact of someone’s personality. Despite the distinctly alluring pose in her photo, I suspect that Maritess cares a great deal about success. Ambition runs deep. And she not only wants to make a significant contribution through her work. She wants to be credited.

The potential challenge: American women aren’t generally thanked for letting their ambitions show. Finding an acceptable way to pursue her ambitions—that’s the challenge with Maritess’ extra long Area 2.

ANGLED CHIN BOTTOM means a triangular shape at the end of the chin, in contrast to the more common curve. Even straight chin bottoms are more common than what shows here with Maritess.

The talent: A will of iron is employed for making decisions. Sure, Maritess has plenty of soft, sensitive qualities elsewhere in her face. But here is where push comes to shove, and I pity the poor fool who would try bossing her around.

The potential challenge: It may be tempting to do things just to show others, as in “If they don’t think I will do this, watch out. (Even if, inside, I don’t particularly want to do this.)”

A Highlight of Her Aura:
At the root chakra, Maritess shows an extraordinary ability to connect with the elements and with Mother Earth Herself. Courage is part of the mix. Maritess has clearly come through more than the normal share of obstacles, real-life material challenges. By choosing to grow strong, rather than becoming a victim, Maritess has gained power. Also, it is clear that her priestess qualities came in with her in this lifetime.

Maritess Comments:
“Wow, it’s all pretty accurate. She did a great and thorough job. Very professional and detail oriented, pointing to specifics on the face and elaborating on how that translates into a reading. Her writing is entertaining and she managed to read me in a way that captured not only my outlook, but my personality, which was pretty amazing.” Maritess Zurbano

Starrfire Price
Starrfire Price is the author of The Journey Into Witchcraft: Labyrinth, (www.journey.witchesway.net) web mistress of The Witches Way (www.witchesway.net) and its community driven sister-site The Witches Way Member’s Community (www.members.witchesway.net). She is also the founder of the group, Witches of The World Coven, currently home to over 900 members worldwide. Starrfire is co-owner, alongside her fiancé and fellow author, Hieros, of The Magical Agora (www.magicalagora.com), An affordable marketplace for the mystical soul. She also works as the VP of Marketing, Promotions & Author Relations, as well an editor for the publishing corporation, Alexandrian Archives, Inc. (www.alexandrianarchivespub.com & www.alexandrianhouse.com).
Starrfire, is an active public figure in the Occult, Witchcraft, Pagan Community. Appearances include news, print media, television, radio and public appearances.
Starr is an active supporter of Pagan Troop Support (www.pagantroopsupport.org) and various other groups. Outside of writing, she has been a professional web & graphic designer for the past ten years, actively works with several paranormal groups as a spirit communicator, former Senior VP of a corporate housing firm and former CEO/Founder of a metaphysical genre traditional publishing corporation (2003-2005).
Starrfire is a proud mother of three teen boys (ages 19, 17, 14) and a daughter (9). She resides quietly by the water in the beautiful state of Michigan with the love of her life Hieros.

Starrfire’s comments appear in bold and italics below Rose’s readings

LOWBROWS are eyebrows positioned so close to the eyes, they nearly fall in.
The talent: Spontaneity could be Starr’s middle name. Blurting things out puts her in her power.

SP: I am very well known for blurting things out (probably not considered a talent to some…lol), so I feel that this is very accurate

The potential challenge: If Starrfire tries to please people by reigning in her natural verve, she will really stifle herself. Given the body language in our photo, I suspect that she has overcome this challenge.

SP: I agree with this potential challenge and many years ago I learned the lesson of this challenge. I do love to help people but I will not be someone that I am not in order to do that or have friends. That lesson I learned long ago… I am very comfortable with just being myself around people and have always found myself gravitating towards people who are real, as well as comfortable with themselves. You cannot please everyone all of the time and if you try you’ll only waste a lot of time and energy on something that is impossible to do in the first place… The beauty of people is that we are all unique and possess different qualities. Always be yourself because that’s where your beauty resides…

LARGE, ROUND NOSTRILS—yes, physiognomists intrepidly check out a part of the face that is often taboo. And when you know what nostrils can tell you, probably you’ll also stare at them often as you can.

Those breathing holes on Starrfire count as “large” when you can see them clearly while looking on the level. Shapes of nostrils vary more than you might suppose. Just follow the visible edge to tell if a nostril is rectangular, flared, triangular or round. A round one makes a shadow shaped like a coin.

The talent: The combination of size and shape reveals a person’s most comfortable relationship to spending. And I’ll go on record by admiring Starrfire’s prosperity consciousness. Money flows through her, rather than being something to hoard. As I noted in my how-to book, The Power of Face Reading, people with large, round nostrils are the biggest spenders on earth.

SP: This is very interesting, I admit I do indeed like to spend money and I find far more enjoyment spending it on other people and the projects that I believe in. I am definitely not one who hoards money so once again, I find myself rather amazed at what one’s face says about them.

The potential challenge: Well, yes, could there be some not-so-great consequences to being among the biggest spenders on earth?

SP: There are definitely challenges with having a giving nature when it comes to money; one being to acknowledge that gut kicking instinct when you’re being taken advantage of. As that has been a rather large challenge and I have indeed been taken advantage of for my obvious giving nature even in the not so far off past. Though, I have learned over the years that it’s good to be money conscious, though it’s equally good to be giving. Hopefully there is a balance in there somewhere.

SEX GODDESS CHIN is my fancy terminology for a chin that is both broad, short, and curved.

The talent: For 5,000 years, physiognomists have noted that people with such chins are exceptional lovers. How they did their research, I don’t know. 😉

SP: Oh Gods, I’m not sure what to say about this but hopefully my fiancé, Hieros agrees….lol

The potential challenge: Wherever Starrfire goes, whatever the context, will sex be part of the conversation? Even without her sending out come-hither vibes, will she have to deal with people paying attention?

SP: I will admit I have faced this challenge before with people which has led to some rather embarrassing situations as I have glistened them with my previously explored “blurting things out” talent… while giving them the “deer in the headlights look” along with the “have you lost your mind” type comments…lol Though, this does not happen that often as I do think and hope that many people acknowledge my purpose of helping others on their journey.

A Highlight of Her Aura:

At the third eye chakra, you’ll find a dramatic contrast to the earthy playfulness that Starr projects in her photo. To move into her spiritual experience to enter an experience of hush, imbued with a pristine sense of the sacred. Playful though Starr clearly is, even right out on the surface of her photo, she shifts gears dramatically when moving into spiritual mode.

The simplest comparison is to the trance state you may have noticed when someone (you, for instance) becomes seriously sexually turned on. Instantly (temporarily) off go the usual thinking circuits, interests, and projection of personality. Just as sexual space is a radically different space, so too with the pursuit of religion. The potential is there for everyone, though usually un-activated.

For Starr, however, spirituality is the ultimate turn-on. It is as though time stops. She moves through into a realm of right, where peace prevails, power is as natural as breath, and she is at one with what is.

SP: Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very playful, I love to laugh and I thoroughly enjoy people. This part of the reading definitely hits the nail on the head when it comes to the shift that occurs from my light hearted side into my sacred time. My spirituality, my Gods and my guides have been my life for so very long. The time I spend in the ether realms has been the most aweing experiences of my life. In that place, there is no time restraints, no hindrances and so many awakenings that take place in these journeys. I indeed find so much peace and knowledge in the many experiences I have been blessed with. My life is about sharing the beauty and understanding that comes from finding this place and my desire to share that will never change. I truly want everyone to experience the mystery and the awakenings that come from walking hand-in-hand with our deities while exploring and learning from the many, beautiful mysterious places and beings that reside within the veil, some call the ether or the astral. My spirituality and my Gods have been with me through everything both good and bad, they are my life and the fuel that ignites this flame within me. I will work until the day I leave this place once again to assure I have given them all I have to help bring understanding back into the world. Magic is everywhere all you have to do is open your eyes to see it.

Starrfire Comments:
I cannot express my thanks enough to The Magical Buffet and to Rose Rosetree for asking me to be a part of this wonderful article. May the Gods guide you always on this journey of spirituality and magic. This is an absolutely amazing ancient technique that I will surely learn more about after seeing this reading.

Rebecca Elson

Rebecca Elson is the Publisher of the online magazine The Magical Buffet. The very thing you are currently reading. Rebecca devotes too much time to blogs for the Buffet website, too little time to cleaning her apartment, and just the right amount of time to reading celebrity gossip. She is an outspoken advocate for First Amendment rights and hopes, when reincarnated, in her next life she’ll be Maritess Zurbano.

NARROW NOSE—You can easily see the central bone down the length of Rebecca’s beautiful nose.

The talent: At work, she must do things her way. Highly independent, she’s self-motivated. And she’ll be most productive, I wager, when she’s the boss.

The potential challenge: Rebecca, when was the last time you had a job working for a micro-manager? Was that “job hell” or what?

BLARNEY LIPS is an expression coined by my colleague, Lailan Young, for lip proportions like Rebecca’s. Yes, Lailan may have minted the term just for you, personally, Rebecca. But the term of art will also apply to any reader whose lower lip is at least twice as full as the upper lip. For you, Rebecca, that’s about five times as full, making this a VERY trait, inwardly extreme in keeping with the outward intensity.

The talent: Persuasive communication is your thing. You could sell ice to Eskimos. And if anyone could persuade earnest fundamentalists that the Magical Buffet is as sacred as a communion table, that would be you, Sweetie!

The potential challenge: What are you going to do with all that extreme communication talent? How are you going to balance it with the rest of your life? You’re like the singer born with a huge voice that could fill the opera hall. It’s a neat trick, learning to modulate that voice when involved in everyday conversation.

Having a DIMINUTIVE CHIN is a matter of proportion. Notice how delicate and petite that chin is, compared to the rest of Rebecca’s face.

The talent: Ethical values couldn’t be stronger. I think it matters enormously to you that you truly walk your talk.

The potential challenge: With standards like these, could you be wired for guilt? Repeat after me (especially since I have the same chin characteristic): “No self-criticism, please.”

A Highlight of Her Aura:

This is some throat chakra. As a communicator, Rebecca is in her glory. The wry, offbeat sense of humor is uppermost. Her courage verges on defiance. You’ll also find verve—an authentic and distinctive way of communicating, regardless of the method, be it talking, writing, or any other art form Rebecca uses.

A BIG, powerful talent bounces out of this part of her aura. And if you’ve noticed that this parallels the most extreme thing about Rebecca’s face, described above, that’s no coincidence. Auras are one hologram of the soul, faces another.

Rebecca Comments:
Yes Rose, I am wired for guilt and big on self-criticism, you caught me. In fact it feeds very nicely into the “it matters enormously to you that you truly walk your talk.” Thanks for bringing that up. I’m going to be sure to tell my prison psychologist about this little experiment one day.

In regards to most of your other points, I have to say they seem very accurate. Although I’m not very comfortable talking about my strengths, my skills with people far surpass any other talents I may possess. Your reading was incredibly flattering and I had to read it several times before I could do so without blushing.

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