Living in a Cardboard Box

Here’s the deal folks, The Magical Buffet is moving into shiny new digs. Technically we’ve already moved in. It seemed like a simple task, and a wonderful upgrade that is going to increase my productivity and hopefully at long last lead to global conquest. It started out innocently enough.

See the beautiful office?

However it rapidly became…..

and this.


So hang in there readers while I get everything sorted out! It will be totally worth it because once I get a little time to write I have got some awesome stuff to share with you! First off, we’ve got a TON of music to discuss. Paul Simon’s “Graceland” turned 25, Metric put out an incredible new album, we absolutely HAVE to talk about Damon Albarn’s “Dr. Dee”, and there’s still more! Not to mention Brad Warner has a new Zen book out and you know how I love that guy. I mean there is A LOT we need to talk about folks, and it is all 100% cool shit.

Now if I can just find what box those CDs ended up in…..