Yep, it’s been a while since something shiny and new has been in this space. Rebecca, what the hell have you been doing? Well, I’ve spent a bunch of time watching my husband play through Prototype on the PS3 again so we can slide neatly into Prototype 2 which I’ve heard good things about, or maybe we’ll go with Mass Effect 3, but we’d want to play through Mass Effect 2 again, we left things with an awkward unresolved love triangle that makes both me and the husband feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah!

I’ve also been catching up on some of the wonderful goodies I’ve been sent to review. Seriously folks, I’m literally buried in them. Okay, not literally. If I were a squirrel I’d totally be buried. A Chihuahua? Probably. One of those adorable Fainting Goats? It’s possible, definitely after I fainted. You get the point though, we’re talking about a lot of stuff. And soon it’s going to be coming at you. I just wanted to warn you guys that it was coming. Normally I try to mix it up a little and maybe some other stuff will sneak in there, (I have some feelers out there. I’ve been networking, pressing some virtual flesh.) but for the moment I have A LOT of reviews. Lots of books and tarot decks, and well, books and, um, tarot decks. Hey! That’s what people send me!

But relax, you know me, these won’t be ordinary reviews. There are going to pictures of unique things, inappropriate language, personal stories that probably shouldn’t be shared, you know, the kind of amateur writing that for some reason keeps you guys coming back for more…..and oddly publishers continuing to send me review copies.

For now, let’s enjoy those adorable Fainting Goats…..