Simply Deep Tarot, Simply Wonderful

Yes, it is tarot time again folks! This time we’ve got the “Simply Deep Tarot” by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby from Schiffer Publishing.

First, since the deck is from Schiffer I’ve got to give it up again for their fantastic packaging. When you think about it, if I’m taking the time to gush about a publisher’s packaging methodology for their tarot decks, it’s got to be pretty freakin’ special. And it is. A very sturdy, rigid cardboard box that has a lift up top and features a magnetic closure. The magnet is so strong you can turn the box upside down with the deck inside and it doesn’t fall open. Add to that the book that comes with it fits in the box perfectly, is nearly a 100 pages, and has a full color cover, and well, you know why I tend to go on about Schiffer’s packaging when it comes to tarot decks. But enough about Schiffer, let’s talk about Bayless and Battersby’s work.

Chanel Bayless did the writing and created the deck and James Battersby did the artwork. Instead of viewing the tarot as a divinatory tool, Bayless prefers to consider it a tool for looking into your soul. To that end she created “Simply Deep Tarot” with the idea of “a tarot deck that would allow the reader to connect easily with the most simplistic meanings of each card, while paving a way to climb safely into the deeper meaning behind the card. In order to achieve this I started with a simplistic design, then I added little nuances to help the reader’s mind be open to exploration.”

Bayless doesn’t leave you alone on your journey of self discovery either, the book includes exercises for anchoring your energy and she even takes you through her journey of interpreting The Emperor card with regards to her love of the ocean.

“Simply Deep Tarot” is a 78 card deck utilizing Major and Minor Arcana and Battersby’s artwork for it is wonderful. I’m not sure how much of the art was directed by Bayless, but the results are outstanding.

Here is a delightful interpretation of The Fool:

The Fool

The real stand out for me for this deck was the Chariot card. Normally I’m pretty neutral on the artistic interpretation of Chariot, but I found this interpretation truly stellar.


I don’t believe I’ve ever been excited about a Chariot card before now. This one really resonates with me and as far as I’m concerned leaves all other Chariots in the dust. See what I did there? They’re chariots, with wheels, that can kick up dust…..sometimes I’m just too darn clever.


Guess what folks? You won’t believe the luck, but I just happen to have ended up with an extra copy of “Simply Deep Tarot” thanks to the kind folks at Schiffer Publishing. What to do, what to do. I thought we’d see about giving it away to one of The Magical Buffet’s loyal followers on Twitter. Why Twitter? Well, I’ve been under the weather as of late, so a contest in 140 characters or less seems just about the right speed for me.

So how do you enter? Just tweet me why you’d like the deck. Points will be given for creativity, amusement, and/or sincerity. Be sure to use @MagicalBuffet in your tweet so I see it! The contest will run from now until midnight eastern on Friday March 9, 2012. I’ll notify the winner via direct message on Saturday March 10, 2012 whenever I wake up, get my head on straight, and pick a winner.