More Marlborough Musings

Readers may remember that at the end of December 2011 I interviewed Dawn Hunt about the cookbook “Tastes From the Temple: Kitchen Witchery from the Temple of Witchcraft” which she wrote along with the Temple of Witchcraft community. Well this past Sunday, January 15, 2012, Dawn was doing a book signing for “Tastes From the Temple” at Muse Gifts & Books in Marlborough, NH, and you guys know how I love Marlborough, so of course I was there!

When Jim and I first hit town we parked right in front of Zeppelin & Kaleidoscope, a vegetarian cafe. Last time we were in Marlborough I just had one of their muffins, but this time we both came hungry. I had The Original wrap, which is a wheat wrap (my choice) stuffed with chopped vegetables, mayo, and provolone cheese, and Jim had their vegetarian version of The Reuben, which he announced to be “quite serviceable”. While we waited for our orders we checked out their small grocery selection and sipped Stewart’s brand sodas.

After lunch it was time to head over to Muse Gifts & Books for some serious shopping! As always I was blown away by Kevin’s beautiful store and how it manages to be packed full of great stuff and there is still so much breathing room. And today a lot of that extra space was being used for two different events. Juliet Bell was there doing palm readings AND Dawn Hunt was there signing copies of “Tastes From the Temple”!

First on the agenda was picking up my very own signed copy of “Tastes From the Temple”. Actually, I picked up four. Yes, I like the book that much. What can I say? I like food. I like Dawn and her Cucina Aurora stuff. I like the folks at the Temple of Witchcraft. As usual Dawn was full of warmth and enthusiasm, and her husband Justin was there also, who is a member of the band Featherscale that was interviewed here on the site. By the way, the latest Featherscale album “Gypsy Heart” is very good too. However, it’s not as good as “Tastes From the Temple”. Remember, I’m a wife and thus I am required by the universe to always side with all things “wife”.

Dawn Hunt signing copies of Tastes From the Temple.

With my signed copies in hand it was off to do other shopping at Muse, but what to get? There’s always so much great stuff it’s hard to choose! I decided to keep the cookbook theme going and I picked up a copy of “Celtic Folklore Cooking” by Joanne Asala, Jim insisted on feeding his addiction, so we grabbed another bottle of Rosemary Oregano Infused Olive Oil made by Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery (See? I said I like her stuff!), and lastly I picked up a candle from Crystal Journey Candles to try. (The copy of “Celtic Folklore Cooking” is already bristling with bookmarks of recipes we want to try, the bottle of Rosemary Olive Oil is half empty, and the candle has a wonderful scent and has been surprisingly long lasting.)

With that you would think the day was complete, but we couldn’t leave Marlborough without stopping into Inkubus, the awesome clothing store just across the street! Last time we were there we bought the supplies that later became Stan the Sugar Skull! And folks, they still have sugar skull making supplies in stock if you’re in the area and interested! They also had a big basket full of decorated sugar skulls that looked fantastic! Now lean in and listen my friends, when visiting Inkubus do not, I repeat, do not neglect their trunk of clearance stuff. I got the most bad ass shirt out of it for only $15.00, and I almost fell over when the woman working there pulled out a matching skirt that was only $5.00. That’s right, a brand new skirt for $5.00. Jim, a man who loves a skinny tie, found a black skinny tie with a skull and spade on it. I’m not entirely sure when he’ll get to wear it, until then we found someone who likes the tie just fine.

Fred the Phrenology Head wearing Jim's tie from Inkubus.
My bad ass shirt from Inkubus.

As I was last time, I’m smitten by Marlborough and the people I find there. The only thing I dislike about Marlborough, NH is that it’s not closer.