The Mystic Pyramid

Okay, so all the way back in May U.S. Games Systems sent me a fantastic widget to consider for review. Due to the nature of this widget, it took a while for me to get around to featuring it on the site. However, now it’s getting mentioned as we approach the holiday gift giving season, and since this would be an awesome gift for just about anyone, I’m kind of happy it took this long to get it up on the site.

I’m talking about the Mystic Pyramid! This gray pyramid helps those seeking answers with just a push down. Text doesn’t do the Mystic Pyramid justice. Sure, it may seem like just an electronic Magic 8 Ball. You ask a question, press the pyramid, and get an answer. But it’s so much better than a Magic 8 Ball! Even the most blasé of my friends couldn’t resist the charm of the Pyramid! And I suspect when you see this video, you’ll understand why…..

See what I mean? I couldn’t figure out a way to convey how absolutely fun the Mystic Pyramid is in simple text. It really needs to be seen and heard to get why it’s such a great time, and so it gets the distinction of being the item that finally forced us to do video for the site.

The suggested retail for the Mystic Pyramid is $24.95, putting it in a great holiday gift giving price range. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a Mystic Pyramid at home or the office? The day I put it out my friends could not stopping asking for its input, and these were people who scoffed at it when I first set it out to show them. Trust me, the Mystic Pyramid will be a fun gift appreciated by anyone on your holiday gift giving list.