Marlborough Musings

On October 1, 2011 my husband and I hopped in the car and drove out to Marlborough, NH so I could give my presentation, “The Everyman’s Guide to Protective Magick: Religion, Folklore, and Myth” at Muse Gifts & Books. I was excited to see the store and was nervous because Muse has hosted talks from some very well known and respected authors; such as Raven Grimassi, Ellen Evert Hopman, Dawn Hunt, and Christopher Penczak. I knew the staff and their customers were accustomed to having access to some of the best workshops around!

I have to tell everybody, I’m so freakin’ jealous of the folks who have easy access to Muse Gifts & Books! They have great speakers pretty regularly and they host “Tea and Tarot” (where customers come in for a beverage and a tarot reading from a variety of readers) regularly. Muse also has an impressive selection of books and tarot decks from a wide variety of publishers and tons of beautiful trinkets (including a gorgeous statue of Kwan Yin several feet tall!). Everyone at Muse, staff and customers, were so nice and enthusiastic. I had a wonderful time there! I also did some shopping!

Now originally I wasn’t going to write about my trip to Muse Gifts & Books because how boring to read me talk about, well, me talking. However I was so blown away at how fantastic Marlborough was I wanted to give you guys a bunch of reasons why you should visit!

First, obviously, is Muse Gifts & Books. What a great store! See my phat loot from my shopping trip!

Books, Kwan Yin necklace, Bloodstone, and Tiger's Eye (not shown, a bottle of Infused Oil from Cucina Aurora).

But before we went into Muse, Jim and I quick popped into a vegetarian cafe called Zeppelin & Kaleidoscope. While there I had one of the best muffins I’ve ever tasted. It was a raspberry lemon muffin that wasn’t too sweet and was fresh out of the oven. Yum!

After the event at Muse, Kevin (the owner) took myself and Jim out for a meal at Lee and Mt. Fuji. This place had a full Chinese cuisine menu along with a full sushi menu, and I spotted some other Asian specialties buried in there too! I ordered a sushi roll I had never encountered before, a Garden Roll. It was raw tuna wrapped in cucumber with roe. It was served with a faintly sweet, slightly vinegary sauce. Because of the shape it was served on an embarrassingly long plate and I had to actually cut up the pieces with a fork and knife to eat it. Perhaps not great for one’s dignity, but it was a tasty treat!

Before we left town Kevin heartily recommended a stop in at store called Inkubus. I, and I’m sure my credit card company, are glad he did! It’s difficult to describe Inkubus. I guess at its most basic you could call it a goth clothing store, but that might make you think I’m talking about a Hot Topic store. Inkubus is what most Hot Topic stores wish they could be! There is a stupidly huge selection of men’s and women’s clothing, ranging from t-shirts (I bought one with a Day of the Dead sugar skull on it!) to high end dresses. They have loads of accessories: purses, shoes, lunch boxes, ashtrays, make-up, hat, and more, more, more! Most importantly, to my absolute shock and pleasure, they had this for sale….

Mexican Sugar Skull Mold and Meringue Powder

If I attempt to make them, I’ll be sure to let you know how it went!

Marlborough, NH is a two and a half hour drive for me to get to, so a bit far to try and visit on a regular basis. With just the little bit I saw and experienced I’m envious of those who live closer than that. And if you do live close to Marlborough and you don’t visit, you’re an idiot.