The Summer of Sovereign

Astute Magical Buffet readers will remember that back in December I commented on a music video by Lady Sovereign, who is a British rap artist. Apparently Perez Hilton wasn’t aware that the video was actually paying homage to the movie “The Warriors”, and instead declared it a video with “Dancing Midget Zombies”. By the way, as proof (as if it was required, but still) that the ladies over at Go Fug Yourself kick ass, they are aware of the film “The Warriors” and name checked it appropriately in a post about Christina Aguilera. Take that Perez! Where was I? That’s right, Lady Sovereign. In the December post I commented that I didn’t know when the album with the song “I Got You Dancing” from the music video would be released. Well it’s out now!

I know nothing about the British rap music scene, or the grime scene, which is what Wikipedia tells me, is the classification for Lady Sovereign’s music. Here’s what I do know. Roll down the windows, slide on the sunglasses, because Lady Sovereign’s new album “Jigsaw” is your summer jam.

The single I’ve been hearing off the album is “So Human” that relies heavily on The Cure song “Close to Me”.

I’m only vaguely familiar with Lady Sovereign’s work previous to “Jigsaw”, so I don’t know how typical or atypical this album is when compared to past efforts. It’s filled with catchy songs, bizarre humor, and flip flopping between spoken word and sort of singing. Lady Sovereign’s voice has a wide range so one song, like “Human” will feature a light feminine voice, and another, like “Guitar”, will have low moans. Also, I suffer from that all too common American affliction of just adoring a British accent, so there’s that too.

If you’re looking for a fun album to tap your foot to while driving in the summer sun, this will do nicely.